How to Burn Fat Naturally Without Exercise?[12 Proven Methods]

Mar 3, 2021 7:45 PM ET

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If you search you will find that millions of people are searching for the easiest way to lose belly fat without exercise all over the internet. Most of them have failed to lose belly fat no matter which diet they follow.

If you are one of those who is searching for the easiest way to lose belly fat and tried all the common methods to lose extra body fat but can’t get any desirable results then this article is for you.

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In this article we will tell you some simplest techniques which will not only help you to lose weight but also improve your confidence level. If you follow the techniques with effort, and consideration and proper care then you can easily cut off your belly fat at home without exercise. Stay tuned till the end.

1. Sleep well

The first thing is that you have to sleep properly at night. A quality sleep at night can keep ghrelin and leptin hormone levels at a balanced and normal stage.

Ghrelin is a hormone that is released in the stomach to send signals to the brain when your stomach is empty. It levels up when you are hungry and  become low after you eat.Amelie, Movie, Face, Women, Model, Young

Leptin hormone released for fat cells which lowers hunger and sends a signal to your brain when your stomach is full.

When you do not get a quality sleep at night, the body increases the levels of ghrelin hormone and decreases leptin hormone  which force you to take more food and increases your appetite.

So, You have to sleep earlier for a quality rest and besides that if you have any bad habits which can cause weight gain then you should give the habits.

A new study shows almost 80% less chance having high BP if you can sleep well(deep sleep). Therefore, not getting enough deep sleep may increase your BP.

2. Take Smaller Plates for Junk Foods

If you use large plates and make portions smaller than you usually take then your brain will think that you are taking less food. This will trigger you to take more food. On the other hand, if you use a small plate then smaller portions will look larger and that will help to eat less.

Oppositely, use bigger plates and make your portion larger when you are serving healthy foods for you. So, This small trick can help you to consume more healthy food and less junk foods.

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3. Pay attention to your food

Don’t use your phone, laptop or anything that can distract when you are eating. Pay full attention to your food. This may help you to take less food. The less food you take, the less calories you will consume.

If you are eating food at the same time playing games on the computer then you might eat more than you need. This activity stores extra calories and increases fat level in your body. So,  you should be attentive to your meals, this will help you to lose your weight.

4. Stick to Your Healthy Routine

You must have a routine that you follow, you have to make sure that is healthy. It’s easy to start a weight losing journey, but the tough thing is sticking with it.

Most of the people become frustrated and become hopeless quickly because they can’t get any desirable results. But you should keep in mind that losing weight is not a magic that will lose your weight instantly. You have to give your full effort and stick with it until you get a desirable result.

5. Add Fiber to Your Breakfast

You should eat a good breakfast daily. Having fiber in breakfast regularly will keep you feeling full and help you to control your crave full day. You can eat eggs, peanut butter, yogurt or any other food that contains protein without fat.

Don’t spend more than 3 hours without eating. It will increase your hunger and make you eat more food. Keep small snacks with you and eat between every meal.

6. Keep Healthy Food Around

When you are hungry and all the unhealthy foods are in front you then you can’t control yourself from making the unhealthy choices.

To avoid this unhealthy trap you should keep healthy fruits around you. You can fill your fridge with some healthy chopped vegetables, Fruits or other healthy snacks. The main thing is that you have to avoid unhealthy foods.

You have to store all the unhealthy foods out of sight. If you are surrounded by unhealthy foods then It might cause you to eat more and if you eat more then automatically your weight will be increased.

7. Eat more protein

Well, protein is another thing that can reduce hunger and give you the feeling of fullness without storing extra calories in your body. Protein stays in the stomach longer because the stomach takes time to digest protein.

So, you will not feel hungry soon after having a protein meal. This thing will help you to lose body weight.

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8. Say no to Sugary drinks

You must have to eliminate sugary drinks from your diet if you really want to lose extra body weight. Weight gain and many other diseases are directly connected with  Sugary drinks. These drinks are nothing but liquid calories.

If you are thinking of losing some weight then the first thing that you have to do is avoid sugary beverages. You can drink water instead of drinking soda or sugary beverages.

9. Eat good fats

If you are thinking of losing some weight without exercise then make healthy fats your best friend. You can find healthy fats in many foods like in fish, avocados, olive oil, nuts etc. These fats also will help you to consume some specific vitamins. So, don’t avoid these healthy fats.

10. Drink green tea

Green tea is really very useful. The main benefit of green tea is that it can boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation and the most important thing is that it can reduce bad cholesterol from your body.

You should drink green tea regularly three or four times a day if you are trying to lose belly fat. It helps to reduce high calorie consumption because it will fill your stomach for a long time.

11. Brew some coffee

Coffee  is the most popular beverage worldwide. It is a great source of antioxidants and caffeine which is known as polyphenols. Coffee has several health benefits. It increases the level of metabolism and decreases appetite significantly.

If you want to burn belly fat quickly, you should start drinking coffee regularly from today. You can have 1-4 cups of coffee in a day. It can boost your metabolism and helps to develop you and mental performance.

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12. Note down what you eat daily

Make a list of food which you are taking daily, that will help to be honest and aware of how much food you are eating. It is very important to be honest about food. Most people think that this thing is very hard to do. But seriously it’s very simple and takes only one or two minutes max.

If you can keep notes about the foods you are eating daily then believe me this simple task will help you much more than you think to lose weight. So, write down which foods you are eating everyday.

Some healthy foods to help lose weight

Weight loss is nothing but simple math. The one thing that  you have to do is eat fewer calories than your body can burn. All foods are not harmful for you, there are some good and healthy foods that can help you to lose weight.


You can get beans at a cheap price. This is full of nutrition’s and a great source of protein. Beans also take time to digest, which means it will make you feel full for a long time and may stop to eat more.

Eggs and Sausage

A health and heavy protein breakfast can help you to avoid hunger a full day. Eggs and beef sausage patty are a great source of protein with many other nutritions.

If you eat 350 calorie in breakfast then the effect of protein will last till the evening. Believe it or not it’s really true.  So, try to keep heavy proteins in  your breakfast.

Tuna fish

Tuna is a lean fish which is a great source of high protein and low calories.

Lean fishes are low in fat. It increases protein consumption and keeps the total calories and fat  at low level. If you are trying to increase protein consumption for losing weight then we highly recommend Tuna lean fish.


This fruit is a great source of healthy fats. This is very unique because most of the fruits contain carbs where avocado contains healthy fats.

Though it has mostly fats, it also contains water and fiber. You can eat avocados with veg salad as its fat part can increase antioxidant consumption significantly.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. It is a great source of carbohydrate and fiber.

Chia seeds can reduce appetite because it can absorb water more than their weight. This thing makes you feel full for a long time. So, you can add it to your regular diet.

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Eating Too Many or Too Few Calories

You need to burn more calories than you are having. Only then you can lose your weight. You might feel that you are not eating too many calories but seriously most of the people are not honest about what they eat.

If you are consuming too  many foods which are healthy but high in calories then you will gain more weight instead of lose.

Oppositely, if you reduce your calorie consumption too much then it can be reversed. So, be honest about what food and how much calorie you are having.

If you can’t stop yourself from eating then no matter how much you are trying, you won’t get a desirable result. Craving can distract you from the weight loss journey.

Some instructions to ignore craving are given below:

  • Set a specific time for eating
  • Do not keep foods in front of you.
  • Be busy 
  • Distract your mind while craving.
  • Do not keep snacks near you.

Does water help to lose weight?

Believe it or not water really helps to reduce hunger. You should drink enough water daily even if you are not trying to lose weight.

Water works in the simplest and wonderful way. If you drink half liter water 20 minutes before having a meal, it will reduce your hunger and make you feel full. This will help you to take less food than you take regularly.

So, Drink enough water daily regularly.

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For some people losing weight is a dream. The key to lose weight is that you have to burn more calories than you consume. It’s not important to join a gym and exercise all the time. you don’t need to join a gym and exercise daily, you just have to control your lifestyle. You have to stay  focused and keep calm because it is a long journey on the way to lose weight.

You shouldn’t be hopeless, you should have a strong commitment to lose weight, only then you can get disable results.

So, if you want to really lose weight without exercise and cut off your belly fat undoubtedly then then try to make changes in your diet and lifestyle according to this article. Wish you a very best of luck.