How to buy clothes online: the tricks of the experts

Mar 1, 2021 11:36 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 1, 2021  6:36 AM ET

If you are still not sure how to choose the clothes, what material wrinkles less, or how you should take the measurements to get the size right, take a look at this little guide to buying online. The new normal requires us to have security and distancing measures that make us rethink our shopping habits. And although we will surely continue going to the physical store, we can also choose to buy online, even we can consult an online stylist you can find by visiting

Sales from home have their advantages because you save crowds and queues, and the clothes arrive at the door of your house in perfect condition. On the other hand, we lose the feeling of seeing and touching the fabric and, more importantly, being able to try on the garment before making the disbursement. To succeed with your online purchase, you have to take into account a series of points, we will tell you about them.

How to get the size right when buying online: an infallible basic guide

Learn to take your measurements, especially if you’re going to deal with long Bohemian dresses, for example. Although many websites already include a test in which with some simple data they suggest your ideal size, others still have the classic measurement table that requires you to take your measurements with a tape measure. It is quite simple, you just have to measure the perimeter of your body in the most prominent part of the chest, waist, and hips. If you find some difficulties, you can find a stylist online.

For the measurement to be correct, what you never have to do is compress the tape against your body, you have to leave it quite loose, to the point that if you let it go a little more it would fall off. It is not about winning a contest with a narrow perimeter, but that when the garment arrives at your house it adapts to your measurements. Remember that clothing, unless it is made of elastic fabric, has to be a little loose to be able to move.

Body measurements

What size do I choose if I am between two options? Each body is different and your hips may be in one size and your waist in another. In that case, choose the largest size, since the garment can be easily arranged in the area that is loose, but it is very difficult to widen if it is small because the garments are made with very little margin seam. Another thing to keep in mind is to assess only the measurements of the area of ​​your body to which the garment fits when choosing the size. For example, if the Amazon long skirts, you do not have to assess the waist measurement, only the hip.

How do I know if the fabric is strong or wrinkles?

In the garment description section, they always specify the composition of the fabric. Those that wrinkle the most are cotton, linen, and viscose. If you prefer a garment that is wash proof and does not have to go through an iron, choose polyester fabrics, although you should bear in mind that they are not as cool or breathable as cotton fabrics. I would recommend them for long sleeve Bohemian dresses and tank tops or low-cut, and for skirts or baggy pants.

Will it suit my makeup?

It is a question posed to us since the models who usually wear the clothes in the images on the web have a very different body than most of us. To get a more approximate idea of ​​the length and width of the piece, for example one of the interesting next petite skirts, look in the product description for the measurements of the model and the size that she is wearing, they often include it and so you can get a more realistic idea. There are also websites that share images of other people who have bought that model and opinions of users of that product. If there is a video in the image section, it is also very interesting to take a look at it as this way you can see the garment in motion.

Check the return policy

Even if they advertise free shipping to your home in large print, before buying make sure that the return is also just as simple. On some occasions, you will have to assume that expense if the garment does not convince you, so it is better to know it before deciding to confirm the shopping cart.