How To Choose Between Motorized and Smart Blinds

Oct 6, 2021 8:46 PM ET

Living in the 21st century is sheer convenience. Smart technology takes the lead making the home a better, pleasurable space to live, work, dine and relax. Smart technology significantly influences furniture, lighting, kitchen appliances entertainment options, and other interior décor details. 

A modern home is characterized by digitalized features, fixtures, and quick fixes. Our windows have also not been left behind. Today, many homeowners choose is between purchasing motorized vs smart blinds


What are motorized blinds? 

These are remote-controlled blinds. This is because they use a battery-charged remote to open and close the blinds. Motorized blinds are also known as automated blinds.  

The latest technology is using a Wi-Fi controller for blinds and shades. Whether you invest in remote or Wi-Fi, the effect is the same for both. Motorized blinds are convenient and lengthen the service life of your blinds. 

Operating your blinds without raising a finger is too good to be true. The traditional blinds use a hook, line, and cords. These additions can be messy and hard to operate, even for an adult. One can pull the string too hard, making the shades stick or run, thus ruining the entire shade. 

However, automated operation means a smooth running of the blinds without breakage,  getting stuck on the rail, or pulling too hard. It is an affordable convenience for all ages. 

Motorized shades are safe for everyone in the house. Your children, the aged, the sick can draw and close the shades effortlessly. The traditional curtains and blinds cord system can are fixed too high for some family members to reach and lift.  

Depending on how high the window is placed, one may need to get a high stool every day to open the blinds. This is a time-wasting activity; thus one may choose to not even open the blinds daily. With motorized shades, you can operate it with the simple click of a button. 


Remote-controlled blinds 

One remote control can operate multiple blinds, together as a group, or individually  (depending on how it is set up). With a simple tap on the button, you can close or open the blinds for the space you need and leave the rest. Remote-controlled blinds are a timely solution for anyone with cathedral windows in their home.


Smart blinds 

Wi-Fi makes life easy! Apart from using it on your phones and laptops, you can also use it to control smart blinds. Using an app, you can set automations, schedules, or just operate the blinds with your phone. 

Additionally, you do not need to be close to operating it. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can push the button and have the window respond to the command.  

Smart blinds also come with voice automation technology. They also allow for pairing with other devices to make your life convenient and safe. 

Motorized and smart blinds are both simple to use. The choice of one is a question of choice and budget. Have your say on your blinds!

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