How To Choose Right Home Safe For Your Property

Oct 12, 2020 3:41 PM ET

Oct 12, 2020 11:41 AM ET
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Your home should be a place of refuge where you’re not afraid to keep your most precious possessions. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There might have been unprecedented circumstances that already happened within your neighborhood. The news about a fire, burglary, or a flood, could make you doubt the safety of your own home.

Anything could happen without any warning. For this reason, you would want to protect your home from these mishaps. Nobody wants to come home or wake up one morning and find out that all their valuables are missing. The things you worked so hard for suddenly gone in a minute.

Fortunately, there are preventive measures you can do. One of them is to install a home safe to secure your property. However, there are different types of safe, which may not all work out according to your needs. We’ve highlighted some essential points to help you choose the right home safe for your valuables.

Understand The Purpose of A Home Safe

The first thing you should do before you purchase anything is to understand its purpose. Whether it’s a home safe or any household equipment, you have to know the importance of buying it. Otherwise, you would end up investing in a product you don’t need.

A home safe may sound unnecessary to some. Others might opt to put their valuables on a cabinet and secure it with the usual lock. But there is more to a home safe that you might haven’t realized yet. It’s not just ordinary storage where you keep your possessions hidden.

Aside from keeping your valuables safe, it can give you peace of mind when you are away from home. You won’t have to worry about housebreaking or any incident that could put your property at risk.

Identify Your Valuables

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Certainly, you can’t place every item in your house inside a home safe. You have to evaluate which among your possessions are important to you. Whether it’s the cost or the sentimental value you are after, it’s up to you. What you need to do is to identify the valuables you want to secure in your home safe.

Take your time to do this because it can be quite challenging. If you’re having second thoughts and cannot decide, you can start by asking relevant questions. What are the top things that would devastate you if they go missing? Which among your possessions are irreplaceable?

Identifying your valuables would lead you to what type of safe will work best for you. Whether you need home safes for jewelry, documents, or money, it lies in your judgment and preference.

Determine The Kind of Protection You Want

Each safe will protect your possessions in different ways. As a result, you would have to determine what kind of protection you want for your property.

If you want to protect important documents in case of fire or other natural disasters, you can choose a fire safe. Keep in mind that each fire safe offers different levels of fire protection, depending on the type of model you would prefer.

There are different types of burglary safes you can choose to secure your valuables from theft. If you want a safe that could be placed in a concealed location but won’t take up too much space, you can pick a standalone safe.

You can also opt for a safe installed in your concrete floor. This floor safe has a different level of security because it is out of plain sight. Another type of burglary safe is a wall safe. However, it offers little to no fire protection. It is more convenient compared to a floor safe but has very little storage space.

A home safe is not only limited to protecting valuables against thieves or natural disasters. You can also utilize it to secure your items that should not be reached by children. If you are a gun owner, a gun safe is a must-have to avoid lethal accidents. Gun safes are convenient and come in various sizes, security levels, and fire-resistance ratings.

Other Factors To Consider

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Aside from identifying which possessions you have to protect and the type of safe you need, there are also other factors you have to consider. Because these home safes offer different levels of security, they can be costly. Hence, you have to consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend for a home safe?

Size and style are also essential factors you need to consider. Determine the volume of your items so that you can decide whether you want it portable or installed. Make sure to choose a size and style that are enough for your valuables.

Aside from that, locks are also very essential for your home safe. You can opt for a combination or a keyed-lock. Take note that combinations are more convenient because you can easily recall it or jot it down, unlike with keys that can get lost over time.

Some safes have complicated features and can be hard to navigate, especially by new safe owners. Choose something friendly to use but still ensure maximum security.


Choosing the right home safe requires careful thought and a considerable amount of time. It is not a typical item that you could just rush to buy in the store. You are investing in it for protection and security. You would not want to spend your money on something that doesn’t serve its purpose. Therefore, make sure to get the right one that’s best for you.