How to Choose the Right App Developer for Your Business

Jul 22, 2020 3:10 PM ET

There are many reasons why you might be considering building an app for your business. Mobile app development can have many benefits for companies today; eCommerce companies can use an app to provide a more streamlined, convenient shopping experience for customers, or simply having an app downloaded to their smartphone with your logo on it can have a serious impact when it comes to improving brand awareness. Apps that encourage customer loyalty by providing rewards after a certain number of purchases or allow customers to collect loyalty points as they buy can be very effective in boosting sales.

However, finding the right partner for app development is absolutely crucial to your success. And, it’s more important than saving money when building your product. The right app developer can add value in so many different ways in order to help you maximise business revenue. So, what should you look for when searching for an app developer?

An Interest in Your Business

Look for a developer who has a keen interest in the industry that you are in and the type of business that you run. A good development company should not only be able to guide you through the creative development process but will also be able to provide valuable input based on their experience developing similar apps to what you want. The best developers will have worked with many clients similar to you and will know what works and what doesn’t in your industry.

A Strong Portfolio

A good developer will have a strong portfolio with clear, excellent UI and UX skills. When browsing portfolios, keep an eye out for apps that look stunning and appealing while having an excellent user interface. And remember that looks aren’t everything; an app must be visually appealing, but it’s also just as, if not more important that it’s easy for the user to navigate. 60% of your application is all about how the user interacts with it.

Good Client References

If a developer is holding back when it comes to providing you with past clients to discuss their work with, this might be a red flag. Look for a developer who will readily provide you with client information upon request, so that you can get real feedback on their company. A good developer might have client testimonials and case studies listed on their website for you to read.

A Strong Relationship

Bear in mind that mobile app development isn’t a one-and-done activity. Your app will gather user feedback and need to go through several cycles and evolutions as a result, so it’s important to find an app developer that you can build a strong relationship with and work with over a period of time. Professional Melbourne based app developers, Appetiser, know the importance of sticking with you throughout the lifecycle of your app. Appetiser have worked on a wide range of apps for business from eCommerce to entertainment apps. It’s important to find a developer who will not abandon the project once the initial development is complete and the app is hosted; they need to remain by your side to make adjustments when needed.

The Right Price

While every entrepreneur or startup will have a budget in mind in terms of what they want to spend on app development, it’s important not to let price be the sole driving factor when it comes to the developer that you choose. Often, the lowest cost option at the start could turn out to be the most expensive in the long run, for example, if you end up having to start over with another developer because the first app didn’t turn out as you expected or wasn’t up to standard. While it’s always nice to feel like you are saving money and getting a bargain, consider whether this will actually be the best option over the long term.

See the Whole Package

Many business owners make the mistake of simply looking for somebody with good coding skills when they want an app developed, but building a good app isn’t just about coding. The best app developers will also have the ultimate goal of creating a functional design that puts the user experience front and centre. Consider avoiding independent developers unless you also have access to a team who can ensure that the remaining functions like usability, design and testing are done well.

Prioritise Design

Finally, while functionality is important, bear in mind that how an app looks is just as important as how it works. Find partners who can make it appealing to use and look at along with ease of navigation for users.

To make sure that you have the best chance of choosing the right app developer for you, it’s important to focus on more than just coding and ensure that you select a developer who has your company’s best interests in mind.

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