How to create a “stand out” virtual learning course in this pandemic?

Feb 22, 2021 9:30 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 22, 2021  4:30 AM ET

Online learning is booming for the past few years and has risen since the pandemic. It’s no surprise online courses offer learners the flexibility to learn whenever they like.

Elearning created a tough competition for conventional learning at present.

With the increase in the number of online courses, currently, it isn’t easy to rank your course in the crowd.

Here are the ways to create a unique course using Adobe Connect that surpasses the crowd to stand out.

  • Survey & Market Research

Market research is the first step towards knowing your audience. Creating a course that aligns with the learners’ needs can help you channel the content rapidly.

To understand your target audience, ask these questions

  1. What is your target audience educational level?
  2. What are their professional goals?
  3. What are their biggest challenges?
  4. Where do they go for information?
  5. What are the present solutions for their problem in the market?

These questions narrow your focus towards a particular niche and help you create your Unique Selling Point (USP).

There are many surveys and data tools to get the answers from your target audience.

Some of the popular ones are Statista, SurveyMonkey, and Google Surveys to get location-based survey results.

  • Prioritize the UX -Adobe Connect

However great and unique your content may be, if UX design is not appealing, it won’t reach a larger audience.

For instance, many learners get their first impression of your course through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets rather than desktops.

Your course must be easily accessible to the learners on both mobile devices and desktop.

Using LMS like Adobe Connect takes care of the UX design. With its thousands of customizable templates, you can create an online course effectively.

  • The Creative Content

Learners preferring online medium expects unique offerings and progressive content from the eLearning course creators.

By incorporating various content types like multimedia, you can create visually appealing and engaging course modules.

Include free ebooks, animations to grasp their attention.

Also, get an interview with an industry expert to make your learners understand the real-scenario related to the topic.

  • Flexible study options

The main reason why learners prefer online courses is that it is flexible.

Creating a course that allows the learners to learn at their own pace engages them and learn at their own convenience.

For example, when including assessments, you shouldn’t be pushy enough to give two-three days’ timing instead provide at least a week to submit it.

Learners might have other works to concentrate first and might be learning your course in their free time. Please respect their decision.

When you want to create outstanding content for your audience, it is equally essential to understand their pain points.

  • Reward & Engage with students

Rewards excite learners. It engages them to achieve more and more in upcoming lessons.

After every module, provide a quiz to test their performance and award them with digital badges.

Announce exciting bonuses for those who complete the course.

Statements like learners who complete the course with maximum digital badges get an A-Grade boost to keenly concentrate on the online course.

These small actions create a community of audience to complete the course entirely.

Plus, it also acts as a sensational promotion for your online course. Adobe Connect offers engaging options such as quizzes, polls, games, and simulations to support your engagement with students.

The Bottom Line

As an online course creator, you need to bring the best user experience to your learners. Following the above-mentioned tips can help you achieve it.