How To Earn $1,000,000 Using Weed Seeds

Aug 27, 2020 7:45 AM ET

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The United States is working around the clock to legalize marijuana for medical use, with Canada making plans to follow the example of its big brother. In other words, the cannabis industry in these two huge markets will change for the better, creating many new opportunities for all those who plan on getting rich with weed seeds.

Legalization only means that the black market is a thing of the past, and the new market is ready for new players. If you never gave a thought to growing weed for a living, maybe it’s time for a change. Here’s how to earn $1,000,000 using weed seeds.

Be Prepared for a Big Change

If you’re already an avid weed expert, you should know that the time is right to change your ways. New markets demand new conditions. With the regular black market supply of customers eliminated from the equation, it’s time to turn your weed knowledge into a professional business.

Supplying both illegal and recreational black markets was one thing, but running a business is a whole new deal. Nowadays, it’s as much about growing weed as it is about being familiar with the regulations. In fact, the success of your weed business depends on your knowledge and compliance with the regulations.

Starting a professional weed seeds business requires resources, time, and effort. More importantly, it also requires a good deal of planning, as getting started is the hardest part.

So, financing your operations, getting started, and getting your products to the market, are the biggest three things that need your immediate attention. In addition, you’ll also need to worry about legalizing your operations.

Become a Professional

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If you want to earn big bucks using weed seeds, you’ll need to understand the cannabis industry’s mechanisms. There is a long way to go between marketing your services to consumers and becoming a supplier. Building your network includes taking a great many steps and smart moves.

It’s all about finding the perfect balance between the growth and production aspects of your business. This balance allows you to determine how to approach your sales.

Marketing is everything today. Modern consumers have a very short attention span, and you need something wowing to grab their attention.

Marketing is one side of the coin while approaching consumers in the way they prefer is the other. Both efforts need to complement one another. It would be best if you were into weed cultivation as much as you are into marketing and improving your conversion rate.

Understand the Logistics

Being a professional weed grower and supplier is a complicated business. Since we’re talking about getting rich, growing your weed in a pot isn’t enough to launch you sky-high. While creating demand and growing enough to support that demand is one of the essential moves for your success, it’s how you distribute your products that matters in the end.

Transport and maintenance of your product expose you to a range of risks and problems. It’s how you deal with these problems that determine your ability to get rich further on. Since growing cannabis is an agricultural effort, there will be some association with pest management issues.

You’ll want to get these under control as failing to do so could endanger your entire operation. Then, there’s the cost of high energy consumption.

The weed seeds business requires certain conditions to provide the crops you need to achieve your business goal. Even more so, if you’re using an indoor facility as your main growing base.

Since monthly electricity bills can go over $30,000 or more, it would be wise to develop a production plan that allows you to mitigate your expenses. The best way to cut down on the expenses is to research the cost in different areas. Look for both labor and utility costs. Then there are other issues to worry about, such as environmental conditions, etc.

Reward Loyal Customers to Build a Following

Consumers love weed products, and the demand is ever-increasing. Therefore, your efforts to get rich should be based on supply and demand. The seller has the upper hand, but the competition is more than fierce.

Since the cannabis industry is one of the biggest growing ones, big companies are fighting for dominance. You’ll have to work hard to beat them, but you can do it by rewarding the most loyal customers and giving incentives to potential prospects to bring them into the fold.

The best way to stand out from the rest of the crowd is by developing your own brand. Create your product philosophy and build your brand story around it.


If you want to turn your weed seeds into a real, professional business, you have to be prepared to make an investment that includes your resources, time, and effort. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s absolutely doable. Launch your products and grow a following but make sure your business complies with the regulations to avoid troubles with the law.

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