How To Get More When Thinking Of Fundraising Ideas

Mar 25, 2020 10:35 PM ET

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” – Denis Waitley

Truer words have never been spoken. And it is not the job of the parents to smooth out all the obstacles out of the way for their children.

Rather, good parenting is when you teach your kids the way to cope with life and all its challenges on their own.

Heavens knows life is full of challenges. And, the best time to start is early. So, here’s a thought – how about you help them come up with ideas for fundraising in school?

What’s fundraising got to do with anything?

Nothing comes for free whether it’s the uniforms for the football team or taking an educational trip to a convention.

Helping your kids plan and organize for fundraisers means you’re encouraging them to lead, shoulder responsibility, be aware of social issues, learn civic sense, carry out civic duties and work as a team member.

Some of the things that we deem as irrelevant or unimportant actually serve as tools to hone the skills that your child may need in life to be a successful human being.

Where would these funds be used?

Now, these funds need not only be used for frivolous things like having a dance or getting uniforms. There are times when a fundraiser may help those truly in need of financial assistance.

The funds that you raise may be used to reduce poverty, provide scholarships for deserving students, raise awareness about issues such as cancer, advance medical research, and even save the environment.

So, how can we help?

Sometimes all you need to do to help someone is to point them in the right direction. The very first thing to do is to come up with all the possible ways to raise funds.

In all honesty, there are about a million ways to raise funds. Just read along to discover some of the best fundraising ideas for schools.

Most Creative Ideas For Fundraising

A Bake Sale

This may sound a bit traditional and maybe too much work, but nothing reels in money like a bake sale. The bake sale doesn’t have to be limited to desserts.

Not everyone has a sweet tooth. So, keep savory items as well. Also, vegan and keto baked items are very popular.

And, people are prepared to pay good money for these products so have tons of almond flour loaves of bread or non-diary desserts to bring in the crowd.

Used-books Auction

Another popular idea is to have a book sale of old books. Not only does that encourage the habit of reading in kids and adults, but it also means that you don’t have to spend tons of cash to get hold of new reading material.

Community Yard Sale

It is said that one man’s sale is another man’s treasure. Arranging a community yard sale not only saves money as you can buy something needed at a much cheaper price.

It also results in saving the environment. Purchasing new equipment that you rarely use or need is a considerable waste of resources. So, do the right thing and buy used items at reduced prices.

The best part of a community yard sale is that the money collected is used for a good cause.

So, you end up giving back to the community from which we receive so much good.

And, that’s bound to teach your kids basic human kindness and generosity.

Pennies From Heaven

Everyone has heard of the penny jars, where you keep jars for collecting the random pennies you tend to find all over the house, nook, and crannies of your purse or even sofa sets. And, then you donate the penny jars.

But, pennies from heaven are the same concept that also includes an element of fun.

You hang an umbrella upside down and hold competitions as to who throws the most number of pennies into the inverted umbrella. The winner can take away a small prize.

But, this way you manage to bring in a crowd, have a lot of fun and collect a whole lot of pennies.

Community Car Wash

This is another instance where kids have a lot of fun, raise a lot of funds to donate and encourage community bonding.

Also, if the community witnesses their children engage in constructive activities, there are likely to be more contributions made for the cause.

Teach-A-Skill Class

Get as many people involved as possible and use their skills to make some money for a cause. If you know photography, can cook good continental meals or even knit a sweater, then make use of those skills to teach all those interested.

You don’t have to charge an arm and a leg for teaching, but you can still manage to collect a decent amount in donations, especially if you get more individuals to participate.


This by far is the most fun for students. Although, it is recommended for older kids. Here, you simply get donations from kids who would want to spend a night with their friends at school.

You can arrange for food stalls where you can collect more money as well as games and activities.

These are memorable ways to get the kids to have fun but also raise money for a charitable purpose.

Custom-made Holiday Cards

You can get the students to apply their artistic skills to make Easter, Christmas or even Thanksgiving Cards for raising funds.

These cards may even be giving out at old age homes and shelters to spread a few smiles in the holiday seasons.

The Conclusion

There are multiple ways that you can raise social awareness and even donations for a good cause.

This would undoubtedly take up your time and effort, but nothing would encourage your children to be responsible and kind human beings as watching their parents set the right example for them.

Also, not everything that is done for a good cause means zero fun. On the contrary, the more the element of fun, the greater it is going to be a hit with the kids.

And, there really is no better way to make memories, help a cause and learn important lessons of life.

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