How to Get Votes for Facebook Contest- Finding the Easy Way

Sep 12, 2019 11:15 AM ET

If you have every come across one, you would know how exciting Facebook contest seem to be. After all, entering them is so simple and the rewards being offered are downright mouthwatering. It can become very difficult for people to resist. You may decide to give it a try because it doesn’t really cost you anything and the only requirement to meet is to get votes. But, it will not take you long to wonder how to get votes for Facebook contest. No, this doesn’t mean that you are unable to get votes. People do get some votes quite easily. They know enough people to ask for votes and this helps them climb up a bit.

Nonetheless, there comes a time when you run out of people to ask. Yet, the number of votes being added by other participants seems to be going up. So, how do you compete against them? When you have put in the effort of entering the competition and collecting some votes, it is natural for you to have your hopes up. You do want to win, but you just don’t know how. What is it that others are doing that you are not? How do other people win contests on Facebook?

The answer is quite simple; they buy poll votes. It may not be a widespread practice, but it is not an uncommon one either. If you get the opportunity to speak to any old contest winner, they will tell you that the only way they were able to defeat the staggering odds was by purchasing the votes needed. There is absolutely no harm in going for this option and you are not creating a disadvantage. Why? This is due to the fact that the option is open to everyone and any participant can choose to purchase the votes.

Yet, there are lots of people who decide not to do so. They may not be interested in spending money for winning a contest. You may also have the same perspective, but if you are truly vested and don’t want to forego the opportunity of winning the handsome prize being offered, there is no other choice. You could certainly try other free options, which involve using software to add votes or even creating fake Facebook profiles. But, neither of these tricks will work as the organizers are very smart and will figure it out immediately.

This only leaves the option of purchasing the votes or forgetting about winning altogether. You don’t have to feel bad because if you do some research, you will notice that it is not just applicable to Facebook; people buy competition votes for numerous websites. Online votes are quite popular nowadays and so online voting providers have accommodated participants of all these contests. This means that you don’t have to restrict your participation to Facebook contests only. You can enter contests on other websites as well and win them too by purchasing their votes just as easily.

While this is all well and good, you need to know that there are some precautions and tips you need to bear in mind when you decide to buy real online votes. Internet scams are common and you don’t want to become a victim of one of those. You are investing your hard-earned money into the contest and you want to see some return instead of having your money wasted. Therefore, you should start by looking for a good online voting provider. Finding a provider is not that difficult, but finding a trustworthy one is a different game altogether.

The shady ones also advertise their services really well and this can cause some confusion. But, there are certain features that can help you in distinguishing the good ones from the bad. It is always recommended to go with experienced voting service providers because they are aware of all contest rules and regulations and how to deal with them without getting you eliminated. Similarly, the reviews are also quite insightful and it is best to go with a provider that has positive feedback from clients. Is it even possible to find a provider like that? Indeed, there are some reputable providers, such as Buy Online Contest Votes (BOCV), that can offer you exactly this kind of service.

Once you have found the provider you want to use for purchasing your votes, the rest of the process is not very complicated. Good providers also ensure that the process is easy for everyone, regardless of whether it is their first time making a purchase or the tenth. In order to buy votes online, you will need to sign up with the provider, which involves providing some basic information like your name and email. Next, you have to choose a voting package to buy and this is where some thought is required.

Every provider has different voting packages, with each containing a different quantity of votes and so their price is also varied. You need to decide what package will work for you, according to your calculation of the votes required to win and your budget. This selection is also important because if you don’t buy the right number, the votes you do buy will be wasted as you will not be able to secure your victory. Therefore, you need to put some thought into making this decision to ensure it is not made lightly and without proper calculation.

After choosing a package, you move to making the payment to buy online votes for contest. As soon as your payment goes through, you need to give the link of the contest to the voting provider. They will take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours to deliver the votes to your given URL. They can also add the votes after short intervals to make them seem more authentic. Your vote count will go up gradually and soon you will have the highest number of votes. In this way, winning Facebook contests can be immensely easy, effortless and hassle-free.

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