How to Grow Your Own Marijuana Plant from Scratch?

Jul 30, 2019 12:50 PM ET


Cannabis is becoming legal in more and more countries. This is due to its medicinal purposes along with the peace of mind. Growing cannabis is a very fun and exciting experience. If you are planning to do it, you have come to the right place for guidance.


Choosing a Cannabis Seed

The first step towards growing your own cannabis plant is choosing what kind of blend you want? With each having its own different highs and smoke, you might want to try something with which you’ve had a positive experience. There are other factors that you need to keep in mind, like the amount of space you have. If you are growing in a small cupboard, you might want to try fast-growing plants like Indicas. But if you have a whole room at your disposal, you can try plants that like to spread more. Personally, Indicas are very easy to maintain and grow as they are small plants which grow at a very moderate rate and are suitable for growing at home.


Providing the Basic Environment for Growth

In order to have a smooth growth, cannabis plants require some fundamentals.

LIGHT: For healthy growth, marijuana plant needs over 12 hours of light in a period of one day. You can easily control it using timers if you’re growing indoors.
AIRFLOW: If you are growing outside airflow should not be any issue, but a proper ventilation system needs to be kept in mind if you want your plant to be healthy. A fan or exhaust can serve this purpose.
WATER: Water is essential for a plant to carry out its biological functions. There needs to be a constant supply of water of suitable pH. The pH can be kept in check with a pH meter as part of the growing kit.
TEMPERATURE: A plant needs a temperature of around 27-degree centigrade to keep growing normally. Indoors this is easy to achieve by using heating or cooling units.


If you are growing outdoors, you need to be very careful about how much you expose your plant to sunlight or cold as extremes of both are unhealthy for the plant.


Germinating the Seed

This process marks the actual growth of the seed. Each plant needs different conditions to grow. original skywalker seeds are one of the best Indica dominant hybrid seeds, widely regarded to treat sleeping disorders and stress reliever. The link contains all the requirements to grow a Skywalker seed.

Seeds won’t begin germinating until they meet the right conditions. A rolled-up moistened paper towel in a warm dark place is used to germinate the seeds. Seeds germinate over time according to the provided temperature. Some take only a few days while others might take up to a week to fully sprout. After the seeds have sprouted, they are planted, the soil is kept moistened, and the waiting period begins. In olden times, you needed to wait for the plant to grow in order to find out if it is a male or a female. But now you can buy feminized seed plants which increases the quality and content of cannabinoids.


Vegetation of Cannabis

As soon as you see green leaves appear, your plant has started to photosynthesize. During this period, the plant should be kept in light all the time. You need to keep extreme care of your plant in this phase. The lights should be kept as close as possible and should be adjusted according to the growth of the plant. The plant also needs to be rotated to get maximum exposure. If you are growing outside, you can let nature take control – cannabis plants grow steadily in sunlight.


Blooming and Harvesting

Blooming differs from type to type. A Sativa will bloom slower in comparison to Indica. As soon as you notice flowers forming, you will know the blooming process is on its peak. Over this period, you need to revert to normal sunlight conditions of 12 hours, and proper airflow protocols need to be followed.

During the last few weeks, you will notice a visible change in color that marks the harvesting process. The plants need to be flushed out with water, and you need to be very careful when trimming the leaves. The buds left are dried in dark, cool place, and this process requires patience from your side. When you are done with this all, sit back and give yourself a pat on the back as you have successfully grown your very first cannabis plant.

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