How to Host a Great Get-Together on a Tight Budget

Jan 18, 2021 9:50 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 18, 2021  4:50 AM ET

So, you’re hosting a big event, but have found yourself short on cash. The key is not to stress! There are plenty of things you can do to still have a great event, whether it’s a wedding reception, a baby shower, or anything in between, without breaking the bank. It just takes a little creativity on your part.

Have it At Home

First things first, if you’ve booked an expensive venue for your party or were planning to, rethink your strategy. If you can host the event at home, at a friend’s home, or at any free venue, do so. That way, all the money you would have spent on the venue can be put toward food, party favors, and more.

If your home is too small for an indoor gathering or if you can’t find a suitable house to hold the event at, don’t overlook the great outdoors! As long as the weather is nice, your backyard, a local park or farm, or anywhere out in nature can serve as a perfect spot for your event.

Make it Potluck Style

Still struggling to pay for the event? Look to what is likely your next-largest expense: the food! Having to provide enough food for every guest is a challenge for anyone, but you can make things easier on yourself (and your wallet!) by hosting the event potluck style.

Encourage everyone to bring at least one dish that they’d like to share. You can even make things fun by having everyone find and try a new recipe online. And, as for the food you do prepare, don’t overlook the helpfulness of using ingredients from your own garden or that you can buy locally or on sale.

Get Crafty

Another easy (and fun!) way to save some money is to consider making the party decorations yourself. After all, why buy fancy table centerpieces and other extras when you can easily make them?

Look online for decoration ideas that require minimal, affordable supplies, and then get to work! If you have crafty friends coming to the event, you can even enlist their help or maybe get together for a crafting session. It’s a great way to cut costs and to help others feel as though they’re contributing their own skills and efforts to the event.

Make Your Own Entertainment

Remember, you don’t have to hire a band or do anything else “fancy” in order to have a great time. You and your guests can have a blast just doing easy activities that don’t cost a thing.

Pull out your board games for some easy, free fun. Or, even better yet, ask guests to bring along some fun games. You can also pull out your old CDs or create a playlist on Youtube for free background music that’s sure to inspire dancing and conversation.

Some of your guests may even have some talents they’d be more than delighted to share, like singing a song, playing the piano, or even telling a few jokes.

Plan Ahead

Of course, even with all of these money saving options, it does help if you have a little bit of a party fund to fall back on.

If you start planning early enough, you can start a party savings account. Or, you could even look into options like fast cash title loans that allow you to get cash by taking out a loan on your vehicle.

If it’s too late to start saving now, do the best you can with what you have and then look into savings options for your next event.

Ultimately, you don’t need a lot of money or a lot of anything to have a good time. Use online resources to get great, budget-friendly ideas, seek help from your friends, and just set your mind on having a wonderful time no matter what. After all, it doesn’t matter what an event costs. What matters is that you get to spend time with people you care about.