How to Leverage Social Media To Grow Your Business?

Aug 11, 2020 10:25 AM ET

Any customer-oriented business is going to do just great if you use social media. Not only does it give you access to a potential network of customers, it will also help you analyze the strategies your competitors are using to generate leads and engage customers. Check out AvaTrade on Twitter to find out how it is done.

If you have never used social media for your business, here are a few steps you may want to follow:

Focus on the brand experience you want to create

Unless you know exactly what your brand is, it is better not to jump into social. Find out what you want to achieve for your brand by leveraging social media. The idea is to provide a consistent brand experience by spreading the right insights as well as offers to your target audience. Every social media account that you create should have the same logo, the same headers, and the same slogans and marketing straplines so that you build familiarity for your customers. Make sure you have all your marketing collateral in place before you take any action in this regard.

Understand your customers

It is to connect with your customers that you need to use social media for. You need to find out where they hang out and what they are looking for.  This can take some time; but once you get to know your target demographic, it can be completely worthwhile.

Have a solid social media strategy

If you have identified the social media channels you need to focus on, your next step would be to create a social media strategy. Start by determining your goals that you want to achieve through social media.

Do you want to create brand awareness or are you looking at generating leads?

Are you trying to secure new clients or engage with the existing ones?

Do you wish to build trust and authority for your brand?

Answers to such questions will help you post the right kind of content for your followers on social media. Have an editorial calendar in place so that you can prepare and schedule your content for automatic publishing.

Focus on creating the right kind of content

Creating content on social media is not about what you enjoy doing; it is about solving the problems of your target audience. It is about building a rapport with your customers and gaining their trust. Here are a few things you might want to focus on, while creating content for social media:

Focus on creating short-form videos, case studies, interviews, or Q&As if you are posting content on Facebook
Bite-size tips, short-form videos, and customer testimonials work best for Twitter
LinkedIn is all about posting job vacancies, industry white-papers, and content based on thought leadership and corporate social responsibility
On Instagram you can go for product or service-related images and short-form videos
YouTube provides the best way to show your personality through short as well as long-form videos

No matter what you do and where you post, make sure you strike the right balance of content while engaging with your target audience.


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