How to make a Twitter account successful?

Jan 20, 2021 7:04 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 20, 2021  2:04 PM ET

How many social media apps do you have on your mobile? Today, it’s more uncommon to be offline than not, with just about the entire world using Social Media. Most of the population own a mobile phone and our society has become reliant on such devices.

As the digital world becomes a reality, we’ve also seen the rise of a whole new working genre – hop online and you’ll see how many content creators are out there today.

Take Twitter for example, with over 340 million users worldwide, it’s become a platform for not only the everyday person but for businesses, celebrities and a whole swarm of content creators.

But with progression, things become more competitive, and it’s often hard for online personas/businesses/brands to stand out among the insanely creative crowds.

Many accounts stay stagnant and creators find themselves being swallowed up among the masses – because they miss key aspects of an influential account. Here’s a list with a few tips to set off your successful Twitter wings!

• Take advantage of hashtags

Now used as a means to connect online content to specific topics, events, conversation and trends, hashtags (in layman’s terms, simply add the # symbol to the beginning of a word on any social media platform) are used everywhere.

They’re important on Twitter for a number of reasons from helping to drive traffic and engagement, to creating retweets. Plus, popular hashtags will stay among the top searched-for results, #winning.

Not everyone’s a wordsmith and it can be difficult to come up with engaging hashtags.

Now, there’s actually an app being used for Instagram, making its way to Twitter called Task Ant. Basically, this platform helps you grow your account with their analytical hashtag generator.

They believe in the power of the hashtag, using this to increase your followers and engagement.

Upon entering a topic, they generate over 100 suggestions of different hashtags, rating them in popularity from highest to lowest, statistics included. We found that Task Ant found a nice variety of hashtags for us to choose from.

• Repeat tweets

A worldwide platform, Twitter sees users from different times zones interacting at different times of the day. A Londoner could be at work, whilst an influencer from the USA is only just waking up…

Oftentimes, tweets can easily become buried and not seen by many users as a result- which is why retweeting a tweet at least three times throughout the day actually pays off. This means your tweet will reach your entire audience, no matter where in the world they may be.

• Think long-term

As humans don’t always agree on everything don’t become disheartened if not every single tweet you post is retweeted or gains mass amounts of popularity straight away.

Remember, it’s difficult to measure your account’s growth/success over a short period of time, as well as to analyse popular tweets over such a brief timeframe.

Patience is the virtue here so stick with it: measuring the growth and popularity of an account will be far more beneficial, and accurate, in the long-run.

• Promote others

Good sportsmanship has never been disdained and in fact, even online it’s still considered relevant. One way of doing so is by promoting other people/brands, which is important for creating and building relationships between yourself and other users.

Another way of doing so is ensuring your retweets are sincere and do provide some form of insight – you’re not just merely retweeting for the sake of it. You want to make an impact.

• Know your niche

In whatever business or brand, you’re building, it’s key to know your target audience, and that goes for any line of work. In this instance, you want to know and understand just exactly who you’re targeting right from the time you create your account.

This will help you with both content creation as well as understanding your audience as ultimately the content you post needs to be aimed at your specific audience.

If you have a particular niche, it’s even more critical as an account filled with tweets of no direction or purpose can be easily beaten. When stumbling upon a directionless, mundane account, what then would encourage a person to follow you?

Find your unique niche and ride with it!