How to Make Delicious Steaks by Ido Fishman

Feb 12, 2021 2:32 AM ET

Feb 12, 2020 02:32 AM ET
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No matter what we taste throughout our lives, when it comes to steak, there is something completely different about this dish. Even if one does not have developed taste buds, they can tell that what they have eaten is one of a kind and is one of the best tasting experiences of their lives. What started off as a regular dish on the soil of the United States, has now become one of the most demanded and liked dish across the globe.

Whether it is beef or chicken, people just cannot say ‘no’ to steaks. As soon as they see a steak on the menu, they know that they got to try it and there are none, who got disappointed after having a steak. People simply love having every single bite of it. They love its juiciness and the pop of flavors they get to experience as soon as they start chewing it.

Towards the end of the 20th century, steak was a dish consumed only in the American and the European region. However, with the passage of time and many countries undergoing developments, steak has been able to make its way into other regions as well and quite prominently in the Asian Continent. No matter how many steakhouses or restaurants you visit, every cook has their own specialty and way of cooking a steak. This is the reason one can never judge which steak is the best in the world.

A Few Things to Know About Ido Fishman

At present, there are numerous chefs around the world who have earned the title for cooking the best steak in the entire world. However, somewhere along the road, it was revealed that some of them hardly paid any attention to food hygiene and were literally feeding people with unhy.

With the passage of time, millions of restaurants and steakhouses have been opened around the world who think that steak is just a piece of meat that can be cooked in different ways to sound cool. However, these restaurants have also started ignoring the basics of cooking up a steak. They pay no attention as to how much effort is required to cook a single piece of steak.

Ido Fishman, who has been in the field of cooking and catering, has also expressed his disappointment against such restaurants. He has stated that such restaurants are dragging down the worth and demand of the steakhouses around the globe and if it is not brought under control, steaks will end up becoming one of the most disliked dishes around the world.

Ido Fishman also added that due to carelessness and lack of interest, the taste of steaks among many new steak restaurants has become worse but nothing is being done in order to fix that. Therefore, Ido Fishman has taken it upon himself to make sure that the entire world gets to know how the best steaks are cooked.

Key notes from Ido Fishman

In order for the world to know the right way of cooking a steak, Idoh Fishman has provided some key notes that every chef and restaurant can use to improve the taste and fell of their steaks. These notes can also prove useful for individuals or companies that are planning to start their own steak houses.

As per Ido Fishman, the steaks are not an easy dish to cook and require extra attention and care while cooking it so it falls completely on the customer’s expectations. Ido Fishman added that as per him, cooking is like painting as every color has its own meaning and taste. Same is the case with steaks that they are cooked in so many different ways with so many ingredients that go in the making of steaks. If a single ingredient is added in the wrong proportion, it can ruin the entire steak.

Types of steaks that everyone should know before cooking steak

Ido Fishman added that people usually think that steak is a piece of meat being served with mashed potatoes or wedges but the millions of people tend to disagree on this as they treat steak very seriously. If a single mistake is made, it will be highlighted right away for the entire world to react upon and lead the restaurants towards shutdowns.

Another big problem is that if a restaurant serves one particular steak that meets all the requirements for being an authentic steak, the rest of their steaks would also taste the same. This means that the restaurant has displaying many steaks but only serving one that they can actually nail.

Therefore, Ido Fishman has also taken the liberty of explaining different types of steaks to people so they can understand that not every steak is the same. There is difference of cooking, sauces being used and many things that are used to make different types of steaks.

Before cooking a steak, everyone should have complete knowledge about the types of it because the information can be convenient in the making of delicious and mouthwatering steaks.

Filet mignon

Ido Fishman starts from Filet mignon, stating that it is the most expensive cut of the beef and the steak is cut from the beef tenderloin. The cut is very tender and the steak can easily be cut with just the fork. Overcooking can spoil your steak so cook it without marinating and dress the filet with the fresh seasoning like salt, pepper and fresh herbs.


A cut from the center of the rib, Ribeye is the juiciest steak that is more favorable than filet mignon. It is slightly chewer because it has a quantity of intramuscular fat. Marinating is also not needed for the steak and it can be easily cooked over dry heat.


The strip steak is cut from the short loin and has less fat than ribeye but it is cooked just as the same way as the ribeye is cooked. It can be cooked on the medium rare to medium range.

London broil

As the name suggests, London broil is a cooking method but in some regions, steaks are sold by this name. To make it juicy and tender, the steak is needed to be marinade with the acidic ingredient, which can be helpful to break down the tough muscle fibers. The steak can be cooked on the grill or pan and overcooking can make it hard and chewy.

T-bone steak

T-bone steaks are cut from the short loin and are very popular among meat lovers. The steak contains the larger portion of filet mignon and cut from the back of the loin. These steaks can be cooked over dry heat by using a meat thermometer.

Skirt steak

Skirt steak is cut from the plate section of the belly. It is a very tough cut that contains a lot of connective tissues. If the skirt steak is cooked correctly, it turns out juicy and tender. Before cooking the steak you can marinade it around 30 minutes with the acidic ingredients.

First thing for us to know Is the delicious history of steak from Ido Fishman

Ido Fishman briefly explains about the history of the steaks. He thinks that steak is the source that binds Americans with the British cuisine. Steak derives its name for the Old Norse word of roast, steik. A feast of fires and bonfires was held on August 10 in 1565 in Florence. During the feast in front of Basilica of San Lorenzo, the meats were roasted to distribute among the people. At that time of feast a group of English merchants was also present among the people. After feeling the astonishing smell of roast meat, the British merchants ended up asking the people to give them “Beefsteak”.

Essential things to understand before cooking a perfect steak

Ido Fishman is more consistent about his work. In other words he is a man of perfection and wants to do everything in an appropriate manner. He thinks that to make a perfect and delicious steak, you need to follow some basic rules that are vital. Most of the people around the world think that summer is the best time for backyard grilling but Ido Fishman ponders that you don’t have to cook outside to enjoy a perfect and delicious steak. For Ido Fishman, cooking a steak every time is not hard but we make it complicated by doing some errors, so here are some rules that can be helpful in your cooking steaks.

Right choice of meat is important

When you decide to cook red meat it is better to pick thicker filet mignon that is the most popular cut just because of its thickness despite being one of the least favorable pieces of meat. Ido Fishman insists that the perfect steak is seared outside and rare in the center and it is a lot easier with the thicker pieces of meat. By using the right choice of meat, you can through the first step of making a delicious steak.

High heat is also an essential tool in cooking steaks

Ido Fishman explains that there are different styles of cooking steaks. Some love to cook it on the grills of charcoals and gas; some are interested to make it on the wood, burning pizza ovens and frying pans. No matter which style you choose, Ido Fishman says that one needs to work really hard to make a perfect steak. Your pan or cooking utensil should be really hot before the steak goes in, after that put your steak inside and cook it as long as you get a good sear. After getting it, flip the steak to get another sear and then put it into the pre-heated oven. We all know that steaks have no fat content so avoid to over cook them or steaks will dry out.

Over seasoning is complimentary

Chef Ido Fishman has a great belief that over seasoning can make the eating stuff worse but when it comes to steaks, one can coat the outside of steak violently with your anticipated seasoning that can be sea salt or basic salt with pepper grounded with peppercorns. Rubbing the spice on your palm helps you to develop the seared crust you want at the outer side of your steak.

Rest improves the taste

No matter that you are a home cook or a top chef; it is necessary for you to know how important resting is, letting the steak rest for 5 to 10 minutes can improve its taste. Once the steak has been rested, you can try to cut the just-cooked steak and it will spill out all the mouthwatering juices and the desirable flavors.

The juiciness must be left on the cutting board or plate but after 10 minutes it would be no spillage and the taste and juiciness will remain in the center.

A utilitarian meal which is famous and delightful around the globe

Ido Fishman says that steak is a pervasive menu item and popular in various forms across the globe. Nowadays you can cook steaks not only with beef but the chicken meat also. Chicken fried steaks are popular as the beefsteaks. Steaks with the potato is not a healthy choice for the health-conscious people but it is an amazing combo and a utilitarian meal that is popular and acceptable for the foodies.

Why Ido Fishman Wants People to Know About Steaks?

It must be true that there many dishes out there with the least amount of hassle while cooking. However, steaks hold very sentimental meaning for many individuals who have been having steaks since their childhood. These people are the ones who tend to leave some really constructive comments on the restaurants.

As a result, people hear more about the perfect restaurant and want to try out their products that can help them boost their sales.

As per Ido Fishman, the steak business still has the potential to become the biggest dish in the world and if people start following either of the guidelines provided in the upper sections, they can achieve that goal.