How To Market Your YouTube Videos?

Oct 16, 2020 5:48 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 16, 2020

YouTube is a video sharing site giant with no signs of slowing down. Many of its competitors do not yet come close. However, learning how to navigate the landscape of YouTube can be a tricky and daunting task. A lot of gaining views and notoriety can boil down to timing, luck, and hard work. But, marketing also can play a role in growing your channel landing more views on it. The latter can be beneficial for small businesses.

The Content

Good YouTube videos are what people either want or need to watch. Deciding which direction, you want to go and what you want to do is a good start. However, time and effort are required to make high-quality content so that people would want to watch and share your videos. Creating a shareable video can aid with marketing since you would be indirectly getting your product out there to like-minded people. People share with their friends and many friends have similar tastes.  But if your content is of poor quality it is less likely to be shared; and people will more likely not come back to view more.

Words Are Important

Marketing your videos has a lot to do with what words you use. This can be the tags that you place on the videos, hoping to attract people that are searching for your services, or products; as well as your titles. Titles should be short, eye-catching (not clickbait) and Google friendly. The latter is important since people use Google to search for a topic before they go on to YouTube. This is why you should research what people are Googling and what words they use to find what they want. Adjusting your tags and titles to suit this can give you a boost in views. Another note to make about titles is that clickbait titles can ruin your channel’s reputation which can turn people away from it. This is neither an outcome that you do not want nor one that you can afford.


Social media can be seen as interconnected networks. You should use this to your advantage by sharing your videos across different sites such as Twitter, and Facebook. Facebook groups can also be a great way to get your work across, as long as the video suits that group. Another way to boost your views is to ask your fellow employees (if you work in a company) and friends to share want has been created on your behalf. Instagram currently has its own video upload which you can also toy with to direct attention to your YouTube videos.

A Small Boost

Starting can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming hurdles to overcome when it comes to marketing your videos. View count is important since the more views a video has the more “promotion” it will get. You may want to opt to buy views to pass this first dump and just get everything flowing.  But only when you start.