How To Promote Your Business Through Instagram During Pandemic

Oct 6, 2021 2:27 PM ET

Covid 19, vaccine, vaccination rates, death rate, recovery rate, and so on; these terms have become a part of our day-to-day lives. It can be jarring even to think that less than a year ago, everything turned topsy-turvy, and every life was at risk. Lives were lost, people lost their jobs, and losses were incurred. Social distancing, restrictions, and lockdowns have led to shattering various small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

The business world has experienced a drop in profits leading to a decline in well-being too. Marketing via social media was the key to aid the problem, especially with the help of the Instagram video editor. Different social media platforms came to the rescue to help people survive the pandemic. It became a lifeline to many, and it helped launch new business ventures creating additional revenue streams.


Why did the pandemic make businesses and employees vulnerable?

Some small businesses might have significant impacts on the pandemic because they are a part of industries like food service, accommodations, and education services and are highly dependent upon customer behaviour.
The physical distancing and mandatory restrictions limited the businesses to perform their regular activities.
Private sectors are most at risk. Financial risks bring out their vulnerability. A long-lasting covid impact might lead to their permanent closure.
Unemployment is the catastrophe that has led to financial distress, personal debt, and poverty, which has all drained down to economic vulnerability.
Countries with less generous employment benefits were most affected because it brought about a loss of social identity, unhappiness, and loss of stigma.
Losing a salaried job during a pandemic is terrible, but losing a business is worse. Think about the investments that have been made. Losing self-employment and becoming unemployed incurs more loss than losing a regular job.


Pandemic sped up the pace of the digital world

The pandemic led to social distancing, which led to the social media platform evolving like never before. Social distancing limited contact with people, and it became pretty difficult to carry on with day-to-day life activities without having to meet people. Here social media played a significant role and emerged as the saviour for many businesses and companies. Since people were asked to stay at home, they turned to social media to maintain their relations, continue working, and access entertainment. Everyone thought that the world would come to a halt due to the pandemic, but the social media platforms kept it going. In the initial lockdown stage, it was a whole new world for many, but once people got acquainted with the benefits of social media, it was a mere cakewalk for them.


How have social networking sites helped?

The social networking platforms helped spread news regarding the ongoing pandemic and the necessary precautions to be taken. It informed the people about the whereabouts of the world.
People found humour and entertainment, which acted as a distraction from the traumatizing pandemic. Watching movies and Instagram video editshelped to lighten the mood.
Social networking sites also became a platform to hold meetings with clients and continue working from home, which majorly helped various companies.
Businesses and companies benefited from social media, but educational institutions also found a way to continue with lectures and examinations via online classes.
Many social media sites started offering counselling services which were one of the most helpful things required to keep a person calm during times of crisis. It safely connected mental health workers to the ones who were in dire need of counselling.
Doctors also started joining social media platforms to help out people who were home-quarantined and needed proper guidance at the time of crisis.
Health professionals used social media and took up the effort to enlighten people regarding the pandemic’s dos and don’ts.


Promoting business through Instagram

With the ongoing crisis of covid 19, the business world has been affected negatively along with its various aspects. People have turned to digital marketing as an alternative, which has become an important field in business operations. People have switched to social media since it has opened a window of opportunities for new growing businesses and the already existing ones. Gaining new customers online has also shown a positive side during this pandemic.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that are used by many. It is a marketing platform where a business can thrive and bloom to the fullest. Companies and brands can promote their products and services using InVideo, a popular Instagram Video Editor. They can increase their sales and profit by boosting their brands and making Instagram video edits of their products. Brand collaborations are quite an in thing nowadays. Various celebrities collaborate with brands to promote them and help them grow. Social media influencers are encouraging small businesses so that they get recognition and grow.


Ways to promote business through Instagram

Make the bio of your page user-friendly by adding a link of your business or brand which are clickable, and the interested users can easily reach your business or brand page.
Posting good-quality pictures is a must. Good quality, less pixelated images attract the attention of many Instagram users and influencers.
Make sure to keep your business page neat and attractive.
Use Instagram Video Editor, such as InVideo, to create exciting videos.
Accurate descriptions and catchy captions always attract attention. Always post a picture of your product with a good and meaningful caption.
Try to follow accounts that are related to your brand and that have good marketing ideas.
Try to make your business profile unique because mundane pages hardly attract any followers.
Hashtags are a must on Instagram. Good business promotion and hashtags go hand in hand. An appropriate hashtag with the proper caption can do wonders for your business, of course, with the right marketing strategies.
A good filtered image with unique graphics will make your post unique from the others because it is a tough competition in the digital marketing platform.
Simplify your work by using AI-based tools and always keep track of your performance metrics.
Choose the appropriate time to post your content because time plays an important role. It is useless posting it after midnight because you will hardly get Instagrammers scrolling through their account.
Instagram stories and Instagram video edits are helpful ways to get immediate feedback about your product from your followers and customers. The polls and question-answer tools are a great way to know your customers’ preferences.
Host live sessions on Instagram and communicate with your customers.



2019 brought about a massive loss to the entire world. Everyone thought the world would become stagnant and incur huge losses. Although losses have been incurred, social media platforms have helped businesses and companies stay in business.

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