How To Properly Disinfect Food After Grocery Shopping?

Jul 23, 2020 11:25 AM ET

While many scientists have come forward and pointed out that Covid-19 is not spread via food. It is said to be spread from human to human. However, it would not hurt to disinfect the store brought food healthily and safely. But first…

How To Stay Safe While Grocery Shopping?

You can take certain safety measures to keep yourself safe while doing your shopping run. The first step is done at home before you even head out. You should make a list of everything that you need and make sure your mask and hand sanitizer are with you as you walk out the door.

Try to go for places that have fewer people since it would be easier to keep social distance (two meters/ six feet) and wear your mask as soon as you enter the place. Gloves are not necessary but you can wear them if it makes you feel comfortable. However, germs can be picked up by them (like your hands) so do not touch your eyes.

After Shopping

When you finished and are back at home take some time to properly wash your hands with water and soap before you unpack. Then you can disinfect the kitchen surfaces with your standard cleaning liquid or diluted bleach solution.

Then you place your food items in the fridge. When it is time to cook, make sure that your fruits and vegetables are washed well (no need for soap). Plus, cooking kills all germs due to the use of heat.

A very important thing is to keep wiping your containers, handles, and the rest of your kitchen to keep it all clean and wash your hands often when handling food or just in general.

Besides Grocery Shopping

If you do not want to head out to the stores you can also order in. Not only take away but some places offer fresh ingredients to your doorstep. Others, like Chef Jorge Luis Morales Cruz’s Cocina Movil in Puerto Rico, offers live station where the chefs prepare the meals in your home. They would be wearing their masks, gloves, and keeping social distancing while they work. Plus, they clean their food and equipment well before use. Their Facebook page is a fine source of information.

But if you do decide to order in (either grocery or takeout) make sure that you can pay online or that your card is ready when the delivery people come. It would be best to keep the interaction to a polite minimal. And wear your mask. If you are receiving groceries like vegetables, give them a good wash. If it is ready-made meals, cooked ones would be better.

Final Thoughts

While it may seem like a jungle out there it is not. Groceries need to be gotten either through delivery or going out. But if you keep to social distancing and have a quick ‘in and out’ plan you should be fine. Remember your mask and wash your hands and counters often.


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