How to Use Tech to Increase Workplace Productivity

Jan 12, 2021 12:08 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 12, 2021  7:08 AM ET

High productivity from all employees is essential for business growth, and one easy way to increase it all around is by introducing new technologies.

Over the years, tech development has become smarter, helping businesses worldwide grow quicker than ever before. At this stage, it’s almost unfathomable for a business to ignore all the help technology provides. If you want to increase workplace productivity, then here is how tech can help you do that.

Use Communication Software

Proper communication is the heart of workplace productivity. While in an ideal world, you could schedule regular one-on-ones, distance, and time don’t usually account for that. To keep everyone up to scratch, consider using communication software like You can host meetings and collaborate on projects no matter how far away you are, with all progress easily trackable.

Smartwatches for On the Go

Smartwatches are a clever little invention that allows the wearer to stay in touch with the world wherever they go. It means that if an employee is away from the desk, they won’t miss a single update.

Not only will your employees benefit from the constant access to notifications, but they will also reap the benefits of fitness tracking. Exercise increases energy and is an excellent motivator, and smartwatches encourage the wearer to slot those workouts into the day.

HR Software

HR takes up a lot of company time, but with technology, it doesn’t have to. HR software allows businesses to take control and automate many administrative tasks, such as payroll and onboarding. Not only that, but employees will have better access to their details and benefits, making the overall HR experience much more streamlined.

Automated Time Tracking

Time wasting is the antithesis of productivity, so you must do your best to reduce it as much as possible. One technology that can help you with that is an automated time tracker. Instead of manually clocking in time spent on projects, an automated time tracker does it for you.

By using this, employees have a better idea of where their time goes, motivating them to use it better. If they notice that most of their day is going toward a task that isn’t as important as the time put in, for example, they can then adjust their priorities.

Host Video Meetings

Meetings are no longer confined to conference rooms. You can host meetings from halfway across the world, making it easier to choose a time that suits both parties. It even allows you to hire remote workers, which can be handy if you have little office space and roles that can be done behind a computer.

This access to face-to-face communications rids your business of untimely meetings and forgetting to catch up – with video conferencing, you can make it as convenient as you wish.

Use Ad Blocks

While ads are annoying when you’re browsing the web leisurely, at work, it impacts productivity. By installing ad blocks on all computers, you will save the company a fair amount of time.

Tech has come a long way, and it will only continue to grow. By implementing the correct technology into the workplace, you will see productivity soar.