HRT centers of California: What are the options

Jul 9, 2020 2:05 PM ET

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There are many reasons to get hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Some of the most prominent reasons to get a replacement for human growth hormone (HGH) or estrogen for women are to reduce menopausal symptoms and prevent aging issues like osteoporosis and bone fractures. For men, some of the reasons to get HGH or low testosterone therapy include increasing energy, expand exercise capabilities, and prompt a better sexual libido along with function.

What Kind of Therapies Are There?

One of the benefits of living in a modern world is there are many safe growth hormone therapy options available. There are degrees of customizable therapy options from local therapies to injections. The type of therapy you obtain depends on the status of your hormone production. All therapies have a possibility of side effects and risks, so be sure to research before you start.

Most people understand that hormone production decreases as you age. U.S. law doesn’t allow for some hormone therapies, such as human growth hormone therapy, for those with natural hormone decrease. However, it does legally allow for treatment for those with an unnatural growth hormone production decrease. Your HGH hormone status can be determined with a blood test given by your doctor. 

Hormone replacement therapies come in two methods. One is systematic and the other is called local replacement. Systematic therapy is where the bioidentical hormones are put directly into the bloodstream. This typically is done by injections but can also be done with pills. 

Local hormone replacement therapy includes targeting a specific area that is presenting problems. For instance, women with vaginal dryness can use a topical cream for that area. Local treatments include items like creams, gels, and other similar products. 

It is important that you find an HRT clinic in California that has a solid reputation and necessary services to accommodate your needs for hormone replacement therapy. One of the key items to look for is whether clinics can customize your plan to include a variety of hormone replacements from testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen as well as human growth hormone.

Innergy Integrative Medicine was established by Dr. Vahe Meilikyan in 2017. Meilikyan, licenses, and certified as a Naturopathic doctor, chose to pursue a naturopathic degree because it matched his personal philosophy and his goals to pursue optimal wellness for patients. 

This clinic has hormone replacement therapies that can help with things like andropause, belly weight gain, bone loss, decreased urinary flow, erectile dysfunction, fibrocystic breasts, irregular menses, low libido, migraines, and ovarian cysts.

This clinic has other services such as ozone, peptide, chelation therapies as wells as infertility treatments.
Good Hormone Health is run by Dr. Theodore Friedman, who specializes in adult endocrinology, and offers hormone testing along with other services. This clinic can also treat ailments like Cushing’s and hypopituitarism. It also offers services for others with specialized conditions that affect both hormones and health. Dr. Friedmon works to return reduced hormone levels to normal but is not an anti-aging doctor. He runs tests through reliable laboratories.
Medzone Clinic is a highly specialized replacement clinic for human growth hormone and testosterone. They are a nationwide company and have a team of endocrinologists to provide effective and safe hormone replacement therapies. 

This clinic offers affordable hormone replacement therapies with high-quality medications using the best brands. U.S. licenses pharmacies provide all medications and doctors that provide them are all board certified. 

This clinic has individual advisors and personal programs to make sure you get customized plans and attention from your doctor who knows you and has been involved with your treatment. 
Cenegenics of San Francisco has concierge medical services that have global recognition. It offers a complimentary consultation and has services unique to both men and women to deal with issues like andropause and menopause. 

Run by Dr. Paul Campion, this clinic is considered to be highly professional with a highly compassionate and trained staff. 
VitalityRX provides a wealth of services that make aging optional in your phase of getting older. They offer free phone consultations with experts regarding your wellness. It focuses on men’s health and has a “vitality box” that includes custom vitamin packs, a B-12 vitality spray, and a hormone therapy program. 

This clinic offers a lot of privacy as you can do your physical exam, bloodwork, and your consultation at home and review results with your doctor in a telemed conference. It offers tailored prescribed treatments that are delivered to your door monthly. 

While any of these California clinics offer services that could help resolve your hormonal problems and put you on a path to wellness, the one you pick depends on your personality, convenience, and other factors. 

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