IELTS Exam preparation tips

Mar 2, 2021 12:23 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 2, 2021  7:23 AM ET

Irrespective of how well you’ve prepared, taking up an IELTS test can be quite challenging. And then, the rigorous preparation to score well might take a toll on both your physical as well as mental health.

Although you have to invest only three hours taking the test that assesses your listening, writing, reading and speaking skills, you’re compelled to spend days and months altogether to prepare.

But what if you get your hands on such tips that would help you score well and better? That’s entirely possible. So, in this post, we’ve curated a list of IELTS exam preparation tips that will be of help to a great extent.

Tips to Plan Well:

Even if you’re spending only one month preparing for IELTS, it should be enough if you’re planning well. And, to do so:

  • Watch 2-3 explanatory videos every day to learn the approach for IELTS questions
  • Solve at least one practice test every day
  • Practice vocabulary and learn new complex words
  • Concentrate more on your weak points

Tips to Study Effectively:

If you’re unable to concentrate or don’t know where to start from, follow these tips to study effectively:

  • Study your strengths and weaknesses
  • In writing, learn one word each day and practise it along with sentence structure and grammatical use
  • Try to set realistic goals and comply by them
  • Ask somebody proficient in English to evaluate your mock test answer sheets
  • Try to discover your mistakes and keep them in mind to avoid committing the same in the future
  • To build confidence in speaking, practise by standing in front of the mirror

Tips for IELTS Writing:

If you think writing is your weakest section, here are some tips that can help you to ace it:

  • Before answering, read the questions thoroughly and create a mental outline
  • Try to avoid redundancy
  • Practise by paraphrasing articles published in magazines and newspapers
  • Practise answering all of the IELTS writing task 1 within 20 minutes and IELTS writing task 2 within 40 minutes
  • Keep the word limit in mind and try not to exceed
  • Write only relevant answers, don’t deviate from the track
  • Use active voice and short sentences

Tips for IELTS Reading:

Are you having a tough time cracking the codes of IELTS reading?  Jotted down below are some tips for finding the easiest conquering methods:

  • Practice online tests and handle each question type differently
  • Learn new phrases and words
  • Practice paraphrasing religiously
  • Practice reading regularly; you can try books, magazines, comics, novels, and more
  • Try to discover the answer without understanding the complete passage
  • Spot keywords in the passage and form answers accordingly

Tips for IELTS Speaking:

To help you get familiar with the IELTS speaking section, below-mentioned are some useful tips:

  • At home, read and listen to English every day
  • Get indulged in English web series and movies
  • Daily practice tests are a must
  • Try speaking in front of the mirror to develop confidence
  • Try talking in English with your family members and friends
  • In your speech, use easy and informal language

Tips for IELTS Listening:

In terms of IELTS listening, here is what you can implement in your daily routine to score well:

  • Concentrate on audios for 30 minutes at a stretch each day and try to figure out their accents
  • Practice the art of remembering keywords, essential data and information to answer the questions
  • Practice all of the latest IELTS listening tests available on the internet
  • Watch YouTube videos on American and British accents to get a hold of them