Impact of Artificial Intelligence on American Business Sector

Mar 2, 2021 2:36 PM ET

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Artificial Intelligence has become a part of our daily life. We no longer see this phenomenon as something unique and farsighted. The concept of AI has existed since 1956. But due to different circumstances, the impact of AI wasn’t impressive.

“There is no apparent finishing line. Machines will outperform us not by copying us but by harnessing the combination of colossal quantities of data, massive processing power, and remarkable algorithms.” © Prof Susskind

The effects of AI and its potential power have been revealed in the last couple of years. It became indispensable in every industry. The business also followed suit. The industry uses AI to manage business processes. The technologies impact on business. If a business wants to keep up with the market, using AI is a must.

How to protect business when using AI?

First of all, let’s define the concept of AI. In short, artificial intelligence is computer software that performs different options. These could be planning, learning, or problem-solving activities. How does artificial intelligence affect businesses? The pros and cons will be discussed further in the article.

It is important to draw attention to the security issues first. Using AI is beneficial for businesses and can bring impressive results. But one shouldn’t forget about safety. There are lots of hackers who present their anonymous online profiles. These profiles attack businesses and try to hack online platforms. This is the reason to take measures and mask IP. One needs to hide IP for safety issues. And there’s a proven way to do it.

One can hide IP differently. VPN is an effective form of IP masking these days. Every user can download it and make use of its basic functions. It is an efficient way to mask IP. This way, companies can protect businesses from anonymous online hackers. VeePN is a nice tool. There is a set of free features. Using a trial period can demonstrate how well the app can protect businesses from online hackers.

This is a crucial element when using AI. Safety is a must for online platforms. And using VPN can prevent data from being leaked.

Artificial intelligence in business environment: pros and cons of use

Implementing AI requires in-depth research. It is necessary to look at both pros and cons before using AI for business purposes. How does artificial intelligence affect the economy? Does the system influence the industry badly? Researching the pros and cons can answer these questions.

AI in business: pros of use

Let’s start with the advantages of using artificial intelligence in the business industry.

  1. Business can be more automated

When using AI, businesses can monitor the work of their employees. Managers don’t need to track the efficacy of the processes. Such manual activities can take less time and effort when the AI is implemented.

Staff is more focused on important tasks. The attention is mainly directed to necessary processes. And the AI is responsible for such monotonous tasks.

  1. The analytics is improved

Companies work with huge amounts of data every day. It is challenging to cope with every process manually. Furthermore, the human factor plays a huge role here. If a person is tired or overwhelmed with the amount of work, data analysis could be performed poorly.

But when using the AI, the process can get smoother. The mechanisms track the necessary information and ensure well-managed analytics for the companies. With well-organized analytical systems, a company can move forward on the market. And this is all due to the AI implemented in the processes.

  1. Customer service can be enhanced

Every company needs to communicate with the customers, receive feedback and answer the questions. The more customers are using the service, the harder it is for the managers to process the requests.

With AI, businesses can make this process more effective. The working staff shouldn’t be engaged in monotonous work that takes lots of time. Chatbots are the answer to this issue. How be Will AI used in the future? This is the tendency for the following couple of years.

  1. Using Ai is cost-effective

How many resources are spent on maintaining the staff? Using AI can help the company cut costs. Artificial intelligence can substitute the work of the whole team of workers if it is established correctly.

The company doesn’t have to spend extras money on the processes that a machine can manage. The staff will have either to enhance their skills and experience or leave the company.

AI in business: cons of use

Using artificial intelligence is effective. But are you ready to face its disadvantages? Let’s see what they are.

  1. Cost of the services

Using artificial intelligence is great. But the business has to pay a lot to make it work properly. ROI will be impressive if the business risks and allocates enough money on AI development. But are all the companies ready to spend money for a long-term goal?

  1. Is everything accurate with AI?

The success of AI implementation depends on the way it was programmed. If the system is programmed badly, it will make errors. The company will suffer from it. Therefore, businesses should pay great attention to the way the machines are programmed.

  1. Creativity

The machine is programmed by a human. But it can’t develop its creativity in the future. In some cases, the use of AI can be a disadvantage.

“As more and more artificial intelligence is entering into the world, more and more emotional intelligence must enter into leadership.” © Daniel Goleman

Last Words

People can manage a business if AI is introduced properly. Companies are following the suits and set up AI. But using it has both pros and cons. Businesses should research all ins and outs and then make the final choice. If the company uses the AI potential correctly, the results can be impressive.