Important Stages of Web Design: A PRO Guideline for a Newbie

Jul 13, 2020 10:00 AM ET

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A web design process should be considered as a vital potpourri combining some crucial fundamentals such as hatching up the understanding of proper information architecture, making a nosedive into the project discovery, coming up with ideation, evaluation and working specifically on the precise and perfect design of user interface.

Let’s decipher the maze inherent in different phases of web design.

Here’s a quick speck at the most vital steps which you need to exert in order to take a web design process towards successful completion.

Identification of the goal behind the project

The initiation of the designing process is vital because it is the particular phase when you will be contemplating on how you should treat the different aspects of the project. It is a juncture where you will be identifying the real goals that actually lie at the backdrop. Thus, you will be required to take all the pros and cons of the project into your consideration. You should take a crystal clear look at the different angles of the project and then adopt an agile method.

Defining the scope

Once you have understood the real goals of the designing project, it’s indeed crucial that you define the project scope with utmost alacrity. Let us warn you that it is not at all an easy task. You will have to focus on quite a few things simultaneously. While defining the scope, you should be keeping a sharp vigil at the functions, deliverables, cost factors, core tasks, and obviously the timeline when you are supposed to deliver the work.

Working on wire frame and site map

Once this particular phase is over, you will be required to go on with the technical aspects. Before you take a plunge into the creation of a design, you will need to work precisely on the wire frame as well as the site map. They both are indispensable in creating a perfect layout for the website you have in mind. In this phase, you will need to keep a close tab on the categories and subcategories which you earnestly want in your website.

Adding visual elements in the website

In the next phase, you will have to work on the enhancement of visual elements in the website. Take care of the UI elements in this stage. You will need to cater adequate attention to color contrasts, alignment, scale and proximity.

Creating a series of content required for web pages

When the visual elements are taken care of, you will have to focus on the content which is equally important as the graphics. You will need to analyses how you should juxtapose the written content with the visual elements to trigger a perfect effect.

Proper testing phases for websites

Finally, when you have been through all the stages of web design, it’s time you should ponder over the testing phases. You might need to test the website before it is ready for a launch. You will need to go for usability testing, interface testing, compatibility, security and performance testing.

After you have run through all the essential steps outlined here, you will get a web interface to coax your visitors with your products and services. It should be clear as daylight that it’s no child’s play. In case you are looking to launch your website with a bang and intend to put a positive spin on the curb appeal which you implore to uphold with unprecedented majesty, you will need a proficient team by your side. CD Website Design might be a worthy camaraderie in this regard.


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