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May 24, 2022 12:19 PM ET

IMTS Professional development encompasses all of the distance learning training, certification, and education that a person requires to advance in their career. It’s no secret that different vocations necessitate various abilities. Even if workers have the skills they need now, they might need more training in the future. Workers can master these skills through professional development to become better, more efficient workers.

While job training is an important part of professional development, this phrase refers to any type of education or learning that might help a person succeed. Professional development includes going to college, taking online courses, getting certifications in your field, coaching, mentoring, and consulting.

The IMTS Institute is an institute founded on ethical, professional, and transparent e-government, integrating students and faculty in building healthy, dynamic, and sustainable societies. IMTS’ Distance Education program was founded in 2005 as a self-governing institute, and it also serves as a counseling and guidance center for several distance learning universities. In early 2005, we focused on the counseling of students as most of the students weren’t sure about what to do after the 12th grade.

When people are helped to make a smooth transition from high Education to further education, training, or a job, there are a number of economic and social benefits.

Mr. Varun Gupta and Mr. Nitin Gupta, Directors of IMTS Institute, believe in transparency, equality, and working ethically in the education sector. His motive is to grant easy access to students to the information related to courses and universities available across. He is a firm believer in the “right to education” and the right-to-right information so that students can make progress.

As a citizen of a country, the first and foremost right that every citizen has is the right to education. It gives people more power and helps them see the world through more educated eyes. As a citizen of the country, each and every child is entitled to an education, and this is what the right to education aims to achieve. Here are some statistics which would tell you the condition of the world in terms of education:

The path of a successful life is not that easy while you are doing a job. You have to catch the buses, classes to attend and the last studies to complete. In this complicated situation, you need a guide, who can help you wrap it all up. Because, at this stage, a wrong decision makes your life almost hell. The IMTS Institute is that guide for you. We are one of the premier service providers. We provide education counseling to thousands of students. We totally understand the needs and mentality of the students and accordingly, provide the best counseling to them.

IMTS Course

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 MA Distance Education
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 MCA Distance Education
 Mcom Distance Education
 Med Distance Education
 Mlib Distance Education
 Mpharma Distance Education
 Msc Distance Education
 Msw Distance Education
 MBA IT Distance education
 Phd Distance Education
 MSC IT Distance education

If we look at the IMTS institute’s history, we can see that they have had a 98% student pass rate in the last five years. 98% of the students were able to earn their diplomas. 

IMTS is a career counseling institute with over 350 experienced career counselors that believe in the ‘right to education.’ For the past 16 years, the Institute has attained greatness through hard work and dedication. Professionals ensure that students achieve their goals by obtaining a high-quality education in their subject of interest.

IMTS’s core principles are that every student should get correct information and support before making a decision that will serve as a cornerstone to a bright future. Furthermore, the Institute’s professional training counselors go to great lengths to ensure this concept becomes a reality.

As of today, IMTS has a working staff of 450 employees and 20 committed teachers. Its students come from all 28 Indian states, eight Union Territories, and forty Nations, with more than 70 percent coming from neighboring states and countries. As a result, IMTS offers a global, welcoming, and inclusive culture.

It also ensures that students have the best possible learning experiences and services. We encourage our students to take charge of their academic work, social lives, and professional growth.

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Varun Gupta and Nitin Gupta started the institute in Noida, with a vision of providing a common platform to universities and students where they can come together. Students get to pick the best suitable course and an opportunity to compare the universities offering these courses wholly based on the facts that matter to them.

Students pursuing courses in distance or part-time mode find it difficult to connect directly with the university after taking admission and, at times, miss on essential announcements made by the university. Gupta makes conscious efforts by communicating with the Universities, gathering the information, and keeping the students updated to avoid any gaps. He makes sure that students counseled at his guidance center should not suffer by missing out on any announcement made by the university.


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Mba HR Distance Education
Mba IN Distance Education
Mba Investment, Distance Education
Mba Marketing Distance Education
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Bsc Environmental Science Distance Education
Bsc Geography Distance Education
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Bsc In Geology Distance Education
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Msc Botany Distance Education
Msc Microbiology Distance Education
Msc Nursing Distance Education
Msc Operational Research Distance Education
M.Sc  Geography  Distance Education
M.Sc  Mathsematics  Distance Education
M.Sc  Physics  Distance Education
M.Sc  Psychology  Distance Education
M.Sc  Zoology  Distance Education

Knowledge and guidance with IMTS institute

Career education and leadership play an essential role in the curriculum that supports students’ interests, strengths, and aspirations. With multiple career options available in the market, it gives students a tough time in selecting the right course for themselves that would help them nurture in the right direction. In the majority of the cases, either student ends up opting for a course that does not align with their plans or take up a job that varies completely from the path they had pursued.

Change is the new normal. For this reason, career counselors must do their work in such a way that their clients become career adaptable and, most importantly, employable. It is vitally important that students acquire those skills that will help them not only survive but rather flourish in times of change.

IMTS Institute Student Reviews 

IMTS is loved by students and has 99% positive student reviews as well as a 4.8-star rating out of 5 on Google. This is proof of how many students’ lives the educational institute has touched over the years. According to sources, 99.8% of students out of 35000+ were satisfied with IMTS and its learning system. , 

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