Increase in The Use of Muscle Growth Supplements Can Be a Big Risk

Jul 30, 2019 12:50 PM ET


Fitness freaks across the world are looking for short cuts in developing muscles fast. However, there is no escape from the fact that frequent use of muscle growth supplements can be very damaging too. We live in a world where being fit is less important than looking fit for social media pictures. History has witnessed several cases from across the globe where bodybuilders were engaged in injecting oils and steroids in their bodies. Whenever muscle growth supplements are issued to people, warnings are always given about the possible harmful effects of the usage. Still people choose to take risks and go the extra mile in the field of bodybuilding.

The US Food and drug administration has issued several warnings to people about the possible dangers of muscle growth supplements, weight loss tablets, and other stuff. Between January 2004 and April 2015, the FDA researched this problem and concluded that a person could suffer severe damages to the body and even death. Shockingly even

adolescents were included in this category because they use multiple vitamins and supplements to improve the strength of bones.

What did the results finally say?

The results concluded that there were around 977 severe cases where people had suffered on account of the supplements that they were taking. Of these figures, around 40% had already died, and many had severe medical outcomes because of supplement usage. The results also concluded that the supplements used for muscle build-up were 3 times more dangerous than conventional vitamins. Moreover, the supplements that were being sold for sexual gratification were also at a higher risk of many medical problems.

Why do people take muscle-building supplements?

Muscle building is not an easy task. People spend years in the gym trying to carve a good shape for their bodies. Muscle building supplements are inclusive of hormones and processed protein that is vital for growing the body fast. People use them because they’re cheaper than spending money on a proper diet, work fast, and make them last longer in the gym. It would be very unfair to say that all muscle building supplements are bad. Some of them are very notorious for health, whereas some of them genuinely work for the body without causing any side effects. Some good and tested elements such as SARMSX are used by a lot of millennials today.

The fact is that the right dosage taken in a moderate amount is okay for the body. Young people are opting for protein because of its enormous benefits. We cannot forget those who try to take shortcuts and then get indulged in multiple problems.


It is no wonder that bodybuilding is a huge industry today. It is said that the food and nutrition in this industry are worth $14 billion. This means that people are splurging on diet and nutrition today to look smart. Obesity is already a major problem for this world, which is why people are frequently looking for ways to stay fit and smart.

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