Industries Set To See Massive Growth in 2021

Nov 11, 2020 1:15 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 11, 20208:15 AM ET

Since the Coronavirus pandemic started sweeping the world at the beginning of this year, many industries that were previously doing well have been brought to their knees.

All over the world, the staff has been told from one day to the next that they no longer have a job as businesses have been forced to close their doors for good, and many others are barely hanging on as they wait to see what’s going to happen over the next few months and if the restrictions are going to be eased or if a second wave of the virus will cause us all to be back in lockdown again.

One thing is for sure, though, out of every crisis, especially ones that affect the economy so badly, comes growth, and although the industries that were thriving before the pandemic may not be the ones who will be thriving immediately after or may even take a while to bounce back, there are new industries waiting to have their moment, as well as industries who before the pandemic were doing okay, but that nobody really felt overly excited about.

So, whether you’re looking to know if your job will be safe so that you can start planning ahead or even if you’re interested in starting a business, then below in this post we’re sharing with you some of the predictions for industries that are set to see massive growth in 2021 and beyond.

Personal Care & Hygiene:

The personal care industry has always been a massive one and it’s constantly seeing growth, however, this is now about to explode. One of the main messages at the center of the virus has always been to wash hands more frequently and for longer, and if you’re not able to access water, then make sure to keep them sanitized.

This has prompted a massive rush to buy all the hand sanitizer that shops can sell, so the demand for these products as well as other types of anti-bacterial handwash and household cleaning products has risen exponentially.

On the other side, the demand for many types of personal care products has also gone up – this was especially true during the initial lockdown months when people weren’t allowed to visit places like salons so they wanted to do their hair at home or get their nails done.

In the future, although people will go back to salons and will enjoy going and getting these things done outside, there will still be a bigger demand for having these products at home just in case anything like this happens again.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Now that wearing face masks has become a thing we’re all having to get used to for a while until the virus slows or disappears, then the demand for these has obviously increased massively when previously they were only needed in a medical setting.

Today, you’ll even see that your favorite online retailers are finding ways to capitalize on the demand for face coverings and designing them in all kinds of fabrics, patterns, and colors so that you can find one that suits your personality.

However, it’s not just on a personal level that face masks are seeing demand, they’re still needed as they always were in a medical setting, but now they need to be changed more frequently, so more are required. Staff who were previously not required to wear them are now told to do so, which again increases production demand.

It’s not only face coverings, though. Things like face visors are preferred in some settings and are also said to be healthier than face masks for longer-term use, as well as other forms of PPE such as plastic or fiberglass screens to ensure social distancing in places like offices, restaurants, and other places with a lot of people.

Online Software:

Although technology has been evolving for many years in this area and remote working for many people has been the norm for a long time, when everything had to shut down at the start of the pandemic then basically every industry that was able to work from home was more or less given no choice but to do so.

This has meant that millions of more people who had never worked from home before were now doing so for the first time, and although a lot of people are keen to get back to an office, the other half are really embracing the benefits of working from home, and this has meant that businesses are now looking to start remote working either partially or fully in the future, and as such, the demand for video conferencing software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams has risen massively and will only continue to do so.

Video conferencing software is a great and low-cost way to keep everyone connected, whether through meetings or simply catching up with colleagues in the office for a chat when you’re not able to meet in person.

They’re also used a lot for things like presentations, training, and in the future could even be used for things like hosting survey panels. Surveys are essential for conducting market research and seeing as it’s hard to go out in public and conduct face-to-face panels, online panels are becoming more and more popular. If you’re wondering how online survey panels might work in the future, then this article, Online Survey Panels: How to Access Deep Insights Efficiently explains all you need to know.

Video Games:

Video games have always been popular and as technology evolves, they always will be. However, now that more of us are faced with things like lockdowns and more restrictions placed on where we can go, then it makes sense that video games and home entertainment sales will massively increase over the next year.

Online Learning:

The online learning industry is already a huge and rapidly growing industry, but just like working from home, more people are now having to learn from home – or are simply choosing to do. Especially during the lockdown, people who had lost their jobs were increasingly turning to platforms like Udemy to gain some new skills that will help them find another job or even start a business.

We hope this post was helpful in giving you some insight as to which industries are worth looking at in 2021 and beyond, whether it’s for a career change, a new business venture, or simply out of interest.