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Dec 18, 2020 7:44 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 18, 2020  2:44 AM ET

The healthcare system in the United States is complex and can be hard to navigate and manage patients and healthcare providers. The most crucial aspect for providing high quality and safe health care delivery by providers in their practice is to center their efforts for the overall well-being of their patients. To continue providing such high-quality healthcare services, its financial health, continued growth, and operational viability. To ensure these fiscal goals, it is vital for administrators of organizations and healthcare practices to accurately document and submit medical claims and successfully receive reimbursement for medical billing.

This process of submitting medical claims and receiving the associated reimbursement is no easy undertaking and traditionally has required significant effort and input of trained professionals and administrators. With the increased digitization of healthcare, there are now different software services available to streamline and automate this process. The successful and timely reimbursement of a medical claim can benefit all stakeholders for a healthcare organization, including patients, providers, and insurers. It is, therefore, essential to understand what medical scrubbing is.

What is medical scrubbing?

When a medical practice submits a claim to the party that is the designated payer for patients’ healthcare services, which are often insurance companies, this does not automatically guarantee reimbursement for those medical claims. Many factors go into fair and timely reimbursement by payers. And in many cases, there could be a cause for complete or partial rejection of claims. This is where the process of medical scrubbing can help ensure the timely and successful reimbursement of claims.

Medical scrubbing, also known as Medical Claims Scrubbing, reviews and validates a medical claim before it is submitted to the payer. This process ensures that there are no mistakes before submission that could lead to a payer denying the request. Effective medical scrubbing can lead to higher reimbursements without delays and preventable denials, therefore preventing the administrative time and costs related to processing these medical claims. It can be highly advantageous to the cash flow and profitability of the medical practice.

This medical scrubbing service has traditionally been performed manually by professionals within an organization or by third-party service providers. With the increasing use of software services in health care delivery and management, there has also been a predictable increase in medical scrubbing software services. There are many different providers to choose from that provide a range of services that can be personalized to the requirements of healthcare practice and organization. One notable mention for a company is Alpha II (you can learn more about the range of services provided at – About Alpha II). They offer an excellent customizable software solution for providers in different healthcare providers in various specialties called ClaimStaker that can help increase the overall accuracy of medical claims submitted and maximize reimbursements.