Investing in stock market with Yandex

Nov 5, 2020 3:11 PM ET

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Stock market is a source for everyone to invest but if you are scared of investing, then it’s not just you. People with no or very less experience in stock market fear the working of it and the stories that they hear. This article provides information about stock market and guides you about Yandex.

It is true that people can lose money due to different factors but if this approach is used correctly, it can also help anyone build up their net worth the fastest. A lot of people have made most of their investments in their homes but talking about the very rich people, they have invested most of their wealth in stock market which keeps rising.

Before you make any investments in the stock market like Buy Yandex stock, you need to understand what it is.

What is stock market?

Stock market is a place where you can buy or sell the shares of companies which are publicly owned. It allows people without having to invest in their own business and having a risk of huge investments with little income, invest in already going on businesses.

When a company sells its shares, they expand exponentially and their worth is increased. Hence, the stock market selling and buying, both are a win-win situation. For example, if you Buy Yandex NV Stock, you are going to increase your net worth but also, the worth of the company will increase as well.

Purpose of stock market:

Trading without understanding the purpose of trading is like crossing the road blindly. You will lose the money if you don’t understand the market correctly before you make an investment in Yandex stock.

There are two basic purposes of the stock market, providing capital to companies and second is to give the investors a share of the profit.

Let’s dive in a little detail for both the purposes of stock market. If you are looking to Trade Yandex Stock, and the company needs a million dollars to expand itself, they will let the public invest in their stocks. It can be the general public or an investment bank that will invest in their business. The company can then utilize it and they won’t be under any kind of debt from bank or won’t have to pay the interest charges.

Instead, the profit generated is then distributed amongst all the investors equally. There are two ways through which an investor can make money from stock market as well. For example, if you Buy Yandex Stock at $10 per share, and the price increases to $17 per stock, the investor can either collect the revenue which is generated every month as their share or they can sell their shares.

Upon selling their shares, they will be directly getting a profit of 70% at this rate and they can opt for continuous revenue generation as well if they want.

Stock market breakdown:

The stock market is taking a rise and there are two different kinds of markets now that you can get involved with.

Primary market:

Primary market is owned by the big investment companies like the investment banks hedge funds and etc. In primary markets, the companies are the ones you directly deal with. There is no third party involvement in the whole trading and they offer you to buy shares in their company.

For example, Yandex will directly call upon the investors to Buy Yandex NV Stock and invest in their company. The companies don’t deal with the common people in this and only prefer the potential investors who will make big investments. This is the first time that the company goes out for sale.

Secondary market:

Once the company has sold its shares, they are then revolving around everywhere. Every time the share prices rise, the investors then sell those shares at a raised price. It is the typical idea of stocks where the direct investors are dealing with new investors and exchanging stocks.

The company is no longer the direct participant and anyone can grab the shares from the investors at this stage. It can be broken down to one share per person even when they are sold at the secondary market depending upon the owner of shares how they strip it down.

OTC market:

OTC market is when the trader and broker are directly connected and this kind of exchange is done over the emails, phones, internet or some other trading platform. The sellers and buyers are on a decentralized market.

Investing in stocks:

Now that you understand the exchange market better, you need to understand how to invest in the stock market and how to Trade Yandex. Yandex is an online platform, it is a Russian owned search engine just like the google and bing. It is an internet and technology platform.

It provides different services all around Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. It provides everyone services to connect to the internet through their desktop computers and mobiles. It also provides the retailers to reach out the customers who are looking for retailers and find out the prices and services etc.

9 wall street suggested the market with 4 ratings to hold and 5 ratings to buy Yandex stock. With and a new earnings announcement coming on 12th February 2021, there is still a lot of time for people to Trade Yandex Stock.


If you wish to trade Yandex, it is important to stay up to date with the modern trends going on in the market. A lot of investors have invested on this platform and the secondary market of Yandex is on fire right now.

You can easily buy Yandex NV stock after researching about it a little. You don’t have to directly buy the stocks from the investors but you can connect to a broker instead as well. The popular online brokerage to buy Yandex stock include everfx, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood and Fidelity.

You can do your own research before you invest and find out more about the broker you are getting involved with.