Iowa, What Should I Do If My Insurance Company Does Not Respond to Me After a Truck Accident?

Mar 10, 2020 12:05 AM ET

There are hardly any accidents on the road that are more serious than those caused by trucks. Truck accidents often result in thousands of dollars of damages and very serious injuries.  Most individuals look to get financial compensation right away to help them pay for these damages.

Insurance companies are required to respond to a person’s claim within a couple of weeks after the claim is made. If they fail to respond or if they are taking a very long time to respond and needlessly slowing down the claim process a person should get in touch with their truck accident attorney to help them encourage the insurer to speed up their response times.

In many cases, insurance companies try to take advantage of the insured individual because they know most of their clients are not very aware of their legal rights and they are not properly aware of the full amount of compensation they are entitled to. If the company fails to act in good faith and they give a person a very low offer, that offer should never be accepted. Instead, a person should get in touch with their lawyer who can then send a counteroffer with all the legal references explaining why a person deserves a lot more then they are being given.

If the insurance company fails to comply and negotiate a reasonable claim, one’s attorney can go to the next level and litigate against them. If the lawsuit is successful a person will not only recover their original amount of compensation, but they can get more in punitive damages due to the amount of time the insurer wasted and due to how irresponsibly they acted.

What should I do if the Trucking company will not accept fault?

Since Iowa is a no-fault state, in most cases drivers always must turn to their insurance to help pay for damages. However, in the case of a truck accident that was caused by serious negligence by the trucker or by a third party, they can seek legal action against the trucking company.

Trucking companies often have an entire system put in place to help them avoid liability as much as possible and that is why a person needs to have a proper attorney on their side who can conduct a thorough investigation of all the trucking company statements and hold them to account for any loopholes they were trying to get through.

If an attorney conducts an investigation and discovers that the company pushed the driver to change their logbooks or that the company was trying to hide driving records and other similar documents they can put further allegations on them and this will result in them having to pay a lot more in compensation to the party who suffered the damages. Legal matters, especially regarding truck accidents, can often get complex and having a lawyer work with a person from the beginning is the safest way to ensure that a person is not being taken advantage of, whether it is from their insurer or the trucking company.



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