Is 2019 the start of Tablet PC demise?

Mar 7, 2019 2:35 PM ET


Tablets were introduced as a new category in the portable computing industry. Though the concept of a portable tablet PC was pretty old dating back to 1950s. Microsoft was the first company to show a fully functional tablet PC the world in the year 2001.  After their demonstration of the first tablet, Microsoft built its first tablet PC with HP in the year 2002. However, the tablet as we know it didn’t hit the market until Apple released its first Ipad in the year 2010 and introduced the first fully functional tablet to the market. Ipad took the world by storm, and the world was able to see the combination of a laptop and mobile for the first time. The tablet presented by Microsoft was inclined more towards laptop compared to Ipad which was inclined towards mobile phone. Until now the tablets dominated the market and served as an alternative for some of the functionalities of a laptop. 2019 might be the year when the decline in the dominance of the tablet will start due to the rise of foldable phones.

Replacement of Tablets

Foldable phones had been in consideration for a long time, and Samsung has been teasing its customer with its presence for quite some years. Now some of the primary manufacturers of the smartphone have shown their foldable phones to the general public. The technology that was a concept in the past is now, and the year 2019 is proof of that. Major manufacturers are releasing their foldable phones to the market. Foldable phones not only acts as mobile phone but tablet as well. When the feature of tablets is included in the mobile phone, then it can considerably decline the demand and requirement of a tablet. Royole has already gone ahead by becoming the first company to release a foldable phone. Bezel-less phones were the center of attention for many companies, and now that spot has been taken by foldable cell phone.

Future of Tablets

The way foldable phones are headed shows that it won’t be long before most of the smartphone becomes foldable. With the increase of such technology people will get tablet and mobile in one single device. The feature of two devices at the price of one is quite intriguing. Many people that bought tablet and mobiles will stop to do so because who need two devices when you can get them in one right?. 2019 might be the year when the decline in demand for tablets will begin due to the rise of these foldable phones. The rise of the foldable phone is the decline of the tablet pc. A large screen was the feature that attracted people towards tablet which is now available on the mobile phone of 2019. Companies such as TCL have also announced their foldable phone due to the opportunity that it presents. The declining age of Tablet has started in the year 2019, and the future of the tablet seems grim.



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