Is Instagram Marketing the Best Social Marketing Option for Business?

Nov 21, 2020 12:51 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 21, 2020  7:51 AM ET

In just over a decade `Instagram` has grown into one of the most popular social media marketing platforms in the world. It is a preferred medium for businesses to market themselves and their products and brands. Every single month over 200 million active users share content mostly photos and videos on the site. Likes per day top of the 1 billion marks. These are impressive figures by any standard. Whether you are looking to `buy Instagram accounts` to increase your online visibility or you choose to consider other expensive marketing campaigns, Instagram remains at the top.

The fact remains however that Instagram is merely one of many online social media marketing sites available for use by businesses in their marketing efforts. It is therefore natural to ask, how does it compare with these other online platforms in terms of effectiveness. We do not hesitate to give it the number one spot. Here is why.

Nature of Format

There is a certain uniqueness in the format used on Instagram when it is compared to other online sites. One of the most powerful strategies that businesses are using is to buy Instagram accounts. Instagram is primarily a visual platform where most content is posted as photo illustrations and videos, and not to leave out Instagram stories. A countless number of businesses have discovered the immense value of this feature in their e-commerce marketing efforts. Businesses have made the pleasant discovery that the visual impacts more forcefully on the user than mere words or written text. It’s an inescapable fact that people remember more of what they see than of what they hear or read about. That makes Instagram a more effective tool than other online sites. `Accfarm` is there for if you are thinking about buying social media accounts.

High Engagement Rate

Compared to other `social media online sites, Instagram` has one of the highest engagement rates. Instagram users and followers engage more through photo, video sharing, and commenting. No matter that the overall engagement rate for Instagram has dropped slightly in the last few years it is still higher than that for both Twitter and Facebook. Engagement rates are a strong indicator of an online platform’s effectiveness as a marketing tool. You buy Instagram accounts to boost your engagement with potential customers.

Impressive Track Record

Probably the most irrefutable proof that Instagram is a highly effective marketing medium for businesses to market their products and brands comes from its track record. Almost three-quarters of Instagram users say they have made at least one purchase of a product after seeing it posted on Instagram, most of the purchases being in the clothing category. That shows Instagram is highly effective in converting users into actual buyers of products.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Since its inception a decade ago Instagram has been transformed from a simple photo-sharing platform into a sophisticated but user-friendly site with multiple business marketing-oriented tools. Amongst these many tools are the Instagram posts, top of the range analytics including new innovations in the driving of web traffic from Instagram stories, and many others.