Is investment in cryptocurrency still profitable?

Apr 1, 2019 2:00 PM ET

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise for quite some time and many people are investing in this currency to maximize their profit. It offers many advantages over the traditional currency because it has no physical form and is not controlled by any central authority. Cryptocurrencies also minimize the cost of a transaction which makes it all the more profitable. The value of cryptocurrency can quickly fluctuate making it the most profitable currency. The fluctuation in its value also makes it the riskiest currency that could also lead to an extreme loss. 2018 saw major fluctuation in the exchange rate of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For many people, it was extremely profitable but for many more, it was an utter disaster. Such fluctuation in a short amount of time raised lots of questions regarding the credibility of cryptocurrencies. So many people are asking “is it profitable to invest in the cryptocurrency?”

Getting into cryptocurrencies

The profitability of Cryptocurrencies is dependent on how well you are handling the fluctuation of cryptocurrency and also the type of cryptocurrency. For instance, the fluctuation of Bitcoin might be totally different than that of Ethereum. There are some risks involved when it comes to investing in the cryptocurrency. Read extensively about cryptocurrency before going ahead with investment because better knowledge will yield better results. The most logical step to enter any business is to make a small investment so that you can have a general idea of the business. Choosing the cryptocurrency is the first step and you should look at the statistics of currency. If you are thinking about investing cryptocurrency in general, then go for the Bitcoin because it is your best bet.

Investing in cryptocurrencies

Before investing in the cryptocurrency there are several areas that you need to consider before getting into the cryptocurrency business. Investing in cryptocurrency is profitable but it is a long term investment if you are looking for an increased return value. Many of the holders are storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because it has the potential to grow and it can yield good results for the future. So store it and wait till you get the highest return value because its value will increase. Mining Bitcoin is still profitable but it can’t even come close to the profit of its initial days. Mining in initial days was easy because it required little computing power and now mining has evolved into a huge industry. So mining on your own is no longer plausible so you should go for cloud mining because it is still lucrative.

Investment in cryptocurrencies is profitable

There are many ways to invest in cryptocurrency and even in the year 2019, there is still a chance of a huge profit margin. To top it all out investment in cryptocurrency is profitable but only if you know what you are doing rather than blindly following the already laid path. Aim for the major currencies in the year 2019 rather than going after many alt currencies.

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