Is Term Insurance Worth Taking?

Jul 10, 2020 1:30 PM ET

As important is earning, likewise, it is important to have an investment planning as well. If you are an earning individual, then the safety and security of your family are of your prime concern.

Therefore, it is important to include a term insurance policy in your investment portfolio. Buying a term insurance policy is no more a daunting task rather you can buy an online term plan at Policybazaar that fulfils your insurance needs and make a wise choice.

Understanding Term Insurance

Well, a term insurance policy is essentially a type of life insurance policy that provides cover to insured’s family in the case of the insured’s untimely demise, disability or disease.

Investing in a term insurance plan is ideal as it is one of those investment options accessible in the market, which offers high sum assured at pocket-friendly and at time slow premiums. Moreover, it is important to invest in a term insurance policy as any eventualities will not come with prior notice. In case you are not around someday, your family will have to cope with the financial loss as well. A term insurance policy will be there to take care of your family’s financial needs.

The earlier you start the safer you will be and will give your ones the financial support at any uneventful point in time. A term insurance plan will help the family to meet their day to day expenses and accomplish the long-term financial goals too.

Yes, it is worth to buy a term insurance policy. When compared to other types of life insurance products, a term insurance policy is much beneficial. In case you do not want to get into too much of hassles you can easily buy an online term plan at Policybazaar right from your comfort.

What are the Benefits of Buying Term Insurance Policy?

Let us quickly understand some of the following benefits of buying a term insurance policy:

Flexibility: When compared to cash value policies it is easier to opt-out of the term insurance plan. When it comes to a term insurance policy, the day you stop paying the term insurance premium the risk cover will be ceased and likewise, the policy will come to an end, which implies that nothing will be payable because of no savings element within the policy. In any case, cash value policies possibly give the full guaranteed endurance advantage if they are held for the complete period of the policy. On the off chance that you quit paying premiums in the middle of the term, there is money related misfortune as you can’t recover your saving part of the strategy without specific deductions.
Simplicity: The term insurance policies are a lot more obvious than any other plans of insurance, for example, the endowment plans, which consolidate cover for risk along with the savings. Plans, which involve hazard spread in addition to a savings segment, are otherwise called cash value plans. It isn’t in every case simple for a layman to separate the top-notch he pays into the cover for risk expense and the sum being contributed for his benefit as savings. Arranging financial objectives around a cash value protection plan can get entangled. There are rules overseeing things like the size of your cash value investment funds versus the strategy of the death benefit and the reimbursement of loans in regards to the policy and so forth. Term life insurance policy, then again, is the substance of effortlessness – pay the premium and get secured for the term picked.
Pricing: The term life plans can be effectively contrasted and each other dependent on cost as they are fundamentally comparative and easy to comprehend. This has prompted an extremely serious market wherein term life insurance policies are quickly turning into a “ware”. Purchasers endure fewer data issues with term insurance policy, in this manner rendering the term showcase more cost serious than for any cash value policies.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Term Insurance Policy

Now, let us quickly understand the following important variables that should be considered before you buy an online term plan at Policybazaar:

Understand the Coverage Needs: Before you buy the term insurance policy, it is important to assess the insurance needs of your family and your closed ones and accordingly opt for insurance coverage that will be required in case of your demise.
Determine Policy Tenure: Now, once you assess the insurance coverage it is time that you determine the tenure, which means up to what age the policy will be needed. The policy tenure neither should be too long nor should be too short.
Right Choice of Add-ons: Yes, term insurance plans offer additional riders so do not hesitate in opting a rider. It will only enhance your policy by making it more secure. The term insurance riders are available at a nominal cost so make the best of it.
Look for Claim Settlement Ratio: Needless to say, when buying any sort of insurance policy, you must look for the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company. The claim settlement ratio will give you a fair idea of the efficiency of the insurance company in settling the claims. However, it does not mean that you make it a sole criterion of making your decision.

Wrapping it Up

A term life insurance policy is an agreement between your insurer and you. It is going to be an investment, which will not just secure the future but take care of your loved ones financially. Therefore, it is prudent that you invest your time and before you zero down a term insurance plan do thorough research and buy an online term plan at Policybazaar.


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