Israel Figa Explains Essential Foods That Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

Jan 8, 2021 7:34 PM ET

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According to Israel Figa the number one cause of death globally is the result of diseases developed through Cardiovascular, which is also known as CVDs. CVDs can happen due to various disorders which directly affect two main functions of a human body i.e. efficiency of heart and healthiness of blood vessels. Once both these functions are badly damaged then it gives rise to various CVDs such as rheumatic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, coronary heart disease as well as many other fatal conditions.

Cardiovascular Disorder is the major cause of Cardiac Arrest and Strokes

Israel Figa highlights the prominent signs of heart and blood vessels disorders which can be witnessed when a person’s blood pressure remains high and/or his sugar level remains high too. Obesity and overweight are also two of the signs of CVDs disorder. He says that CVDs can be fatal as they could lead to strokes and occurrences of cardiac arrests. Every year around 17.9 lives have been taken due to CVDs and out of every 5 deaths caused due to the CVDs, 4 are caused by heath attacks, tells Israel Figa.

CVDs Are Fatal

So according to Israel Figa what we are dealing here with is not a joke. Cardiac arrest is one of the most lethal diseases out there which approximately takes lives of 17.9 million people worldwide each year. He also tells us that 80% out of these 17.9 million deaths are caused due to cardiac arrest.

Going Back to the Basics

According to Mr. Figa, keeping in view the figures, one may need to ensure that not only his heart but also his blood vessels will need to be kept healthy in an effort to prevent cardiac arrest. There are two ways of doing this, says Israel Figa. Firstly, if you feel the existence of signs of CVDs disorders developing in your body, then you must immediately consult a doctor so that the doctor can advise you medication or run a complete diagnosis of the problem. However, if you think, your heart and blood vessels are not in bad health then you can return to the basics which is to provide health and fitness to your heart and blood vessels naturally.

Foods that are Nature’s Blessing

Israel Figa says that nature has provided us various foods which are scientifically proven best anti-dots against CVDs as well as cardiac arrest. If we ensure intake of these foods in our diet, we would not only make our cardiovascular system healthy but can certainly save ourselves from such fatal diseases.

Now we can look at the type of foods suggested by Figa which can help us improving our cardiovascular system.


Winter are here and in winter, the nature provides us different variety of oranges which not only taste fantastic but also a great source of providing essential vitamins. For example oranges are naturally comprised of large quantity of Vitamin C. There is also large amount of fiber in it as well as various nutrients. What they do efficiently is that they help keep the cholesterol and low blood pressure intact. Supposing if someone indicates that he is having a low blood pressure, eating oranges can instantly bring the blood level back to its normal. Another major benefit of oranges is that they throw out extra sodium from your body.


Kale or leaf cabbage is hard to find. But thanks to internet, if you want to locate a retailer who can provide you kale, you can easily search out Kale retailer within or near your area online. If you are able to found this naturally blessed vegetable, then your efforts are not wastage of time. Figa tells us that kale is one of those vegetables which are enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, there are fiber in them as well as antioxidants. Not only this, but those people who are fat conscious, this is the best vegetable for them to do away with fats because it has tiny amount of fats and contain very low amount of calories.


No vegetable or food item can come any close to this vegetable known as Garlic. It contains high amount of essential ingredients which are not only better for heart but also for entire chain of diseases. You can cook it with food or eat raw, drink in tea or hot water. It can be taken the way you want to. This is one of the most authentic vegetable cum herb whose benefits are proven scientifically that it is one of the great source of boosting health efficiency of your heart and bringing in line various other organs/functions of your body.

Amazingly this is one of those vegetables which are easily available and can be found in every house throughout every season.


Lentils are often recommended by doctors for those patients who complain of cardiovascular disorders. Lentils contain high amount of potassium and help bringing down blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Various researches done on lentils by scientists of the world suggest that they are great cure against various heart diseases and can also prevent strokes and cardiac arrests.


Dry fruits too are a great source of providing strength to heart. Almonds are one of those dry fruits which are not only good for your memory but also comprising of vital nutrients which provide much needed strength to heart so that the heart can work properly and efficiently. They are also available all four season and if you add a handful of almonds in your daily diet, then you will certainly be ensuring that your heart remains in good shape while the cholesterol is controlled and the chances of getting any cardiovascular diseases are reduced significantly.

End Thoughts

We are living in times when we often look at medical doctors first instead of providing our bodies required essentials which can be found in high quantities in various foods naturally. But according to Dr. Israel Figa, we need to go back to our basics and ensure intake of these nature’s blessings so that we can live longer and healthier. Life is precious and we cannot just throw it away. It is a gift and it is our duty to keep it safe and healthy.