Israel Figa Gives Business Ideas to Launch During a Pandemic

Dec 6, 2020 5:00 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 6, 2020  12:00 PM ET

Launching a business during a pandemic may not seem like a feasible endeavor, but it could end up being an excellent entrepreneurial decision. While a lot of ‘traditional’ businesses have adapted during COVID-19, some business ideas have also been inspired by the pandemic and are making waves in the business world. If you understand the challenges that you will have to face as an entrepreneur and can adapt to them, it is possible for you to launch a thriving business. Israel Figa has provided some great business ideas to explore and some of them are mentioned as follows:

Online consulting business

Regardless of their professional background, there are a lot of people who have expertise and knowledge that they can pass on to others. From lifestyle skills, such as dietician consultancy or music classes, to professional skills like finance or supply chain management, you can give advice to others in almost any skill that you might have knowledge of.

Dr. Israel Figa recommends that you launch online consulting business for connecting with clients and offering them insight into how they can improve and scale their business. You can become an expert on how the coronavirus is changing business trends within your industry and understand the new legislations and tax regulations. This information can be used for guiding other businesses through these changes to ensure they can stay afloat and adapt.

Digital marketing agency

As new websites and apps continue to emerge regularly, knowing marketing inside and out can be a very valuable asset. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for agencies that can help them in cutting through the noise and stand out amidst all the online competition now more than ever. Hence, Dr. Israel Figa suggests that it is the best time to launch a digital marketing agency that can offer others SEO services, social media, content marketing, web design and consulting, analytics, along with targeted and paid advertising. Having a reliable agency that can offer all these services can certainly be appealing to potential clients and if you can satisfy them, it will help attract more.

App developer

A lot of companies were caught off guard when the pandemic struck and they didn’t have any means of conducting their business online. Even now, a great number is struggling to find an efficient way of connecting with their clientele on a digital platform. Israel Figa suggests that as an app developer, it is possible to help businesses in adjusting to the lockdowns and social distancing measures. You can create apps that can be used for reaching out to customers, as businesses need to connect and engage with their customers during the pandemic, and after it as well, if they want to survive in this digital age.

Fitness and wellness programs

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, most people have been forced to work from home and have to stay inside most of the day. This lifestyle, combined with a great deal of anxiety caused by the pandemic, has had a serious effect on people’s health. People are not taking care of themselves as much as they used to, are following unhealthy diets and are not working out. As per Israel Figa, they need motivation now more than ever. There has been an increase in popularity of fitness and wellness content, as people need the extra inspiration and boost to get them going.

If you possess a background in exercise, health and wellness, you can create content for helping people improve themselves and get out of rut. Articles and blogs are an excellent way for you to share workout routines and recipes that can be done by people at home, even if they don’t have any prior experience whatsoever. You can start filming the ways you decompress, whether it is exercising, stretching, meditating or cooking. In fact, you can also talk about health habits generally.

Drop shipping

As people are staying indoors for the most part, there is a huge demand for online delivery services. These services are related to pharmaceutical goods, groceries and meals, but Israel Figa highlights that there is also a market for delivery services for a variety of commodities. You can focus on launching a business that deals with goods that are not readily available through other delivery services. You can get in touch with local businesses for delivering goods right from the supplier or store to the customers.

In fact, you could even launch a hyperlocal delivery system that’s cheaper and more efficient than the mainstream services out there. If you work in just one area, you will be able to understand the cost and also learn about your clients and their buying habits to provide better and more personalized services to them.

Graphic design company

Graphic designs was always a hot commodity for businesses that wanted to stand out, but it has become even more so these days because there is a lot of competition online. Israel Figa states that businesses are looking for professional-looking and sleek designs to leave an impression on the audience, whether it is their professional or event material, promotional content or their logo. As social media is becoming very important for marketing nowadays, brands are constantly on the lookout for eye-catching and new graphics in order to stay relevant. You can launch a graphic design firm and can take freelance projects or establish long-standing clients, as per your preference.

Commercial cleaning service

From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a higher demand for professional cleaning services than ever before. In fact, Dr. Israel Figa mentions that the cleaning services market is expected to expand significantly in the next five years because of the ramifications of the ongoing COVID-19. Public-facing businesses, medical facilities and office buildings all depend on professional cleaning services to disinfect their spaces continuously. This might be the best time to launch such a service, as there is plenty of demand and it is not going to slowdown any soon.