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Oct 22, 2020 8:37 AM ET
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Tree and flower hedges are a great way to have a beautiful blend of nature and privacy on your property without having to sacrifice one for the other. If you want a fence, but you’re worried that it’ll take up too much space for your trees, why not try making a fence made of trees. Hedges can be a beautiful and innovative way to beautify your compound with trees or flowers while still enjoying all the benefits of having a fence around your property. Hedges are like a special 2-in-1 package of both beauty and privacy. Hedges can be used to line properties, driveways, or buildings. Trees can also be planted closely packed together or with a little space between them, depending on your choice.

Give Your Hedge an Edge with the Italian Cypress

The magnificent and stately Italian Cypress is an excellent choice for growing hedges in or around your property. The Italian Cypress is a spectacular tree that combines a tall, slender and graceful look with leaves of deep dark green that cast a beautiful hue around your property and instantly beautifies it. Additionally, the Italian Cypress is a narrow tree that makes it well-suited for properties with limited space and makes it an excellent choice for planting your hedges.

The impressive height of the Italian Cypress makes it an excellent choice for planting a privacy hedge or fence, as the Italian Cypress does a perfect job of blocking prying eyes or unwanted attention. The height of the Italian Cypress also makes it a good option for a wind-block hedge, as it can protect your home from strong and brutal winds. Whether lined around your property like a fence or lined in a driveway or around a building for decoration, the Italian Cypress is one of the best options for building effective and beautiful hedges.

✔       The Italian Cypress Hedge is great for privacy fences/screens

✔       The Italian Cypress makes a great wind-block hedge

✔       The Italian Cypress is great for properties with limited space due to its narrow width.

Planting Your Italian Cypress Hedge the Right Way!

Once you’ve made the brilliant decision of using the Italian Cypress for your hedges, it’s important you plant it well to get the best results. It is essential to plant the tree at a distance of at least half its width from any building, driveway, or electricity pole to allow your Italian Cypress to grow with no interference. If you’d like your Italian Cypress Hedge to be a closely packed fence, then you should plant your Italian Cypress trees at least 3 feet away from each other.

Once your Italian Cypress trees grow into full maturity, they will grow closer, and their leaves will begin to touch, forming a beautiful and completely enclosed privacy hedge. If you’d like your Italian Cypress trees to stand apart so their beauty can be appreciated distinctly, then you may space your Italian Cypress trees by 5 to 6 feet.

❖        Plant your Italian Cypress with a distance of at least half its width (1.5 to 3 feet) from any building, fence, pole, or driveway.

❖        For a closely packed privacy hedge, leave a space of 3 feet between your Italian Cypress trees when planting.

❖        For a more loose, elegant hedge, your Italian Cypress trees can be spaced by 5 to 6 feet.

In conclusion, a hedge is not just a bunch of trees that surround your house. It’s a statement you can sculpt and make your own. It’s the first impression your house gives before you welcome your guests and creates a flow to the front door. We know how important it is to make a good impression, and we trust that the Italian Cypress will not disappoint to help you reach your landscaping goals.