It’s Not The End: Top 4 Most Helpful Things PDFbear Can Provide During Pandemic

Jul 28, 2020 8:50 PM ET

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted the lives of most people, if not everyone. With the ongoing lockdown due to the epidemic, most people are stuck at home all day long, lying in bed, looking at the ceiling all day. Stuck while doing nothing is not a good position to be in, so; here are suggestions on how to spend your day during the pandemic.

Using PDF Converter

First, Reading a good book is always nice to pass the time. You now have a lot of time in your hands, why not grab a book, lie down and read? For you guys who do not already have books at home, and it may not be possible to buy one, we suggest downloading a book online. A lot of good reads are available online, look it up. Most books online are in pdf format. 

We suggest you convert Word to PDF using the PDFbear website. PDFBear allows you to save your PDF file to a Word.docx, which can easily be opened by the Microsoft Word application available on most modern devices used by us today. For those rare cases of a .docx download, the website can convert your word .docx file to PDF files.

Watching Movies

If books are not your thing, then we suggest watching movies. Watching movies is an excellent way to pass the time. Also, if you are with your family or loved ones during the lockdown, watching movies is a perfect way to spend quality hours with them. Don’t wait any longer. Get the films rolling. 

There is an infinite pool of great movies out there that you may not have seen yet. In this pandemic, you can get this as an opportunity to watch all the drama that you haven’t watched. If you want something that will drain all your free time, we suggest finding a good tv or anime series to interest them. 


What better time to hone your cooking expertise than now? Now that you are at home the whole day with nothing to do, If you do not already like cooking, try it, you might love it. If you lack fantastic skills, we suggest watching a youtube video, imitate what the cook in the video is doing, and “start cooking.”

Watch your weight, though, cooking does not mean eating, stay healthy. A proper diet is essential during this pandemic. Good food comes with a robust immune system. We suggest learning healthy recipes which you may find all over the internet. Don’t waste your time. Grab your knife and spatula and get cooking.


Staying at home, doing nothing except eating and lying in bed is unhealthy. Therefore we suggest that you exercise as a pastime because; why not? If you do not have training equipment at your house, it is alright because many applications are available for your phone. These applications teach you exercises that do not need equipment.

Do not forget to care for your body and your health. Just because you don’t go out does not mean you do not have to look good. This article also suggests pairing your exercise with a healthy diet. Staying healthy does not mean the only activity; being healthy means healthy too. Act healthy, stay healthy, think fit, and we guarantee you will remain happy.


The current Covid19 pandemic has many adverse effects, like this lockdown. But if you look past those negatives and be in your best persona, you can be better. It may not look as awful as you see it. Always remember it is still good at everything. You may be under a tragedy today, but there is always a rainbow after the rain.


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