JC Economics Tuition in Singapore

Jul 15, 2020 2:30 PM ET

Economics is not just a school subject; it is a real-world enterprise. Daily, we are at the impact of several economic decisions and implications from our government policy makers to those of other continents and countries. Therefore, the study of Economics is to be met with seriousness and fervency, for it defines our world today.

Students are annually tested in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Examination, which is the university admission exam, on their comprehension and understanding of Economics in the H1 and H2 Economics Paper. For most students scoring an A seems rather strenuous and nearly impossible to do owing to the complexity and bulk of the subject. However, by enrolling in distinguished and esteemed JC Economic Tuition classes, students stand a chance to better comprehend, prepare and thus pass their exams.

Picking the right Economics Tutor is crucial to any examination success. For all A-Level students, time is indeed of the essence. At https://www.theeconomicstutor.com/ students are able to interact with the excellent and highly skilled economic tutor, Mr. Kelvin Hong. Mr. Hong has a wealth of expertise as a government policy maker and successful entrepreneur in the economic field. This is in addition to his 20 years of experience as a widely-acclaimed Economics Tutor. Owing to his vast experience and numerous accolades and distinctions, Mr. Hong has developed a proficiency in breaking down difficult concepts to more understandable bits that can easily be remembered by his students even in the exam room.

What every student need is inspiration and guidance to excel and succeed. Mr. Hong’s JC Economics Tuition in Singaporeprogram provides a conducive learning environment that helps inspire and challenge his students to work hard and attain their dreams. His carefully crafted tuition program has cutting edge features that distinguish it from all other JC Economics tuition classes, namely:

High Quality Delivery

Owing to his vast knowledge and exposure to the subject from various vantage points, Mr. Hong delivers high-quality and informative lecturers. His teaching incorporates a balanced mix of textbook knowledge, real-life present-day scenarios from all around the world and his numerous encounters. His methodology and ingenious approach help students better conceptualize and thoroughly understand the world of economics. Using humor, analogies and other interesting modes of delivery, economics is brought to life in a tangible, engaging, fun and understandable manner.

Personalized tutor guidance

Mr. Hong is keen on tracking the improvement and success of every student under his care. He endeavors to inspire students to believe that they can achieve an A in the exams and thus boosts their morale and confidence. Students are given regular assignments which are thoroughly marked. Through this, he is able to help each student understand where they went wrong and how they ought to have answered or approached the question.

In addition, he gives highly customized assignments which aid to develop each student in their ‘wanting’ areas. This enables them at the end of the day to be whole-rounded in understanding and meticulous in producing the same on paper. As good practice, classes usually have smaller student intake to enable a tailor-made learning experience for each student

Guru of exam techniques and skills

Being a top student throughout his academic terms, Mr. Hong is well knowledgeable of exam dos and don’ts that students should bear in mind while in the exam room. He takes time to highlight the various techniques students can utilize in answering various exam questions so that they may score highly. The A-level examinations require a mastery of various higher-response skills such as analysis, synthesis, conceptualizing and comprehension in order for students to give elaborate, in-depth answers in their essays and case studies. Mr. Hong allows students to practice these techniques until they are well-conversant with them.

Comprehensive Supplementary notes

Comprehensive notes and guidebooks authored by Mr. Hong himself are made available to students for further study and inference. This helps build their wealth of economic knowledge which translates to better grades during exam time.

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