Jeremy Berman Offers Hope in the Wake of Limb Loss

Mar 1, 2022 6:00 PM ET

Losing a limb is a traumatic experience, but proper medical care can help you regain control over your life. Jeremy Berman, C.P.O, the co-owner of Findlay American Prosthetic and Orthotic Center in Findlay, Ohio, has been helping people who have lost the full or partial use of an arm or leg for the last twenty years, providing care and cutting-edge medical services to improve people’s lives and well-being.

Berman is a prosthetic Practitioner, Orthotic Practitioner, and Prosthetic Provider. His clinic offers a wide range of services to help individuals through whatever trauma has resulted in limb loss, be it a medical condition, unexpected accident, or a crime. In addition to providing and fitting over a dozen upper and lower extremity prosthetic options, Jeremy Berman offers postoperative care and assistance to help people regain control over their lives. The Findlay American Prosthetic and Orthotic Center also offers educational programs to local schools, therapists, and groups of medical practitioners, thus helping the community understand the many challenges people face when they lose a limb.

Berman’s medical practice is known for offering caring service to every single person who walks in the door. Anyone who needs to have a limb removed or receive a prosthetic fitting as a result of limb removal receives immediate, personalized assistance. The office not only files insurance claims but also follows up on them to ensure they receive immediate attention. Appointments are scheduled with enough time to allow Berman to get to know each person in-depth in order to fully meet their medical needs. Jeremy Berman also puts a premium not just on functionality but comfort, working with patients for as long as it takes to ensure a new limb is just the right fit for the individual.

The field of prosthetics and orthotics is continually changing, as new technologies and developments are introduced to make life better and more convenient for those who have lost one or more limbs. Jeremy Berman, along with those who work with him, does everything in their power to stay abreast of current trends and developments in their field. Their willingness to commit to long-term, ongoing learning shows in their high quality of care.

Losing one or more limbs is incredibly devastating. Recent statistics show that nearly one out of three people who experience limb loss deal with depression and/or anxiety, mental health conditions that are brought on by pain, limited care options, and reduced mobility that makes it difficult to engage in physical activity. Berman is aware of the many challenges people face upon losing a limb and does everything in his power to help individuals regain their mobility and thus their self-esteem and mental health. His dedication to his field, exemplified by his high standard of customer service and his willingness to stay abreast of current industry developments in order to adapt, tweak, or completely overhead services as needed in order to offer the highest possible standard of care, has made a huge difference in the lives of every single person who has benefited from his medical expertise.

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