Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota Identifies Budget-Friendly Activities in Florida

Jun 3, 2020 7:40 PM ET

Throughout the Pandemic and Beyond, Families Look to Save Money While Enjoying the Entertainment of Florida, Jessica Brambilla Suggests

Sarasota, FL / Florida may be known for its theme parks, but it can be difficult for families to afford the high ticket prices. Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota recommends budget-friendly activities that can be enjoyed, even during the social distancing regulations of the pandemic.

Although Busch Gardens is one of the more affordable theme parks, Jessica Brambilla explains that it would still cost hundreds for a family of four to visit. However, those who live nearby and who enjoy roller coasters may want to look into annual passes. Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota recommends the annual passes for those who can make the investment as it can lead to extended fun all year long.


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Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota suggests that families explore some of the free activities to do throughout Florida. Often, this includes going to beaches, botanical gardens, and other places. Certain times of the year can result in either free or reduced admission to other locations as well, including museums.

Another budget-friendly activity includes zoos. Jessica Brambilla suggests exploring Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa as well as Naples Zoo further south. Not only do the zoos offer various events throughout the year, such as for Halloween, but there are also specials throughout the year in order to buy a day and come back for the rest of the year for free.

With the beautiful weather found throughout Florida, camping is another suggestion. Jessica Brambilla says that it can be worth it for families to make the investment in a tent and other camping materials. Campgrounds are located all over the state. While there’s a small fee for the campsite, the recreational opportunities that exist within the park are free. Many state and national parks offer hiking trails, fishing, kayaking, and more.

Embracing nature is one of the most budget-friendly activities for families to consider when they’re in Florida, says Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota. As a resident of Sarasota, she is a fan of driving South into the Forth Myers area in order to visit Ding Darling. The wildlife refuge offers a tram tour in order to learn of the various species and ecosystems present. Further, she explains that activities include everything from birding to canoeing to spending time in the visitor and education center.

Jessica Brambilla has been a Florida resident who has been heavily involved in providing theme park reviews. She loves seeing the historic landmarks across the state. She also considers herself to be a roller coaster aficionado.

Brambilla suggests that families who are on a budget explore the various free things to do in the state, including those that involve spending time in the parks and beaches. For those who can afford it, she suggests that annual passes can be a way to enjoy entertainment all year long with a one-time investment.

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