Johnny Depp Permitted To Resume The Defamation Suit Against Her Ex-Wife Amber Heard

Mar 30, 2020 8:15 PM ET

Johnny Depp filed the $50 million suit in March 2019 Against Her Ex-Wife

A Virginia judge on Friday would not excuse Johnny Depp’s claim against Amber Heard, permitting him to continue with a case that she maligned him in a Washington Post feeling piece. In the article distributed in December 2018, Heard implied the past claims that Depp had ambushed her during their marriage. However, she didn’t recognize him by name.

Court Proceedings

Judge Bruce D. White decided on Friday that Depp can continue under the theory that Heard’s announcements suggested that Depp had attacked her. The offended party has argued conditions that would sensibly make three of the four articulations at issue pass on the supposed abusive implying that Mr. Depp mishandled Ms. Heard, and this supposed significance is in truth abusive, White composed.

Depp recorded the $50 million suit in March 2019, disagreeing with the feature of the piece and a few proclamations inside it that inferred he was an abuser. In the body of the section, she composed: Then two years prior, I turned into an open figure speaking to social maltreatment, and I felt the full power of our way of life’s anger for ladies who stand up.

Charges On Johnny Depp

Heard initially blamed Depp for maltreating her in 2016, with regards to their separation. Depp has said all through that the charges are bogus, and are a fabrication invoked to help Heard’s vocation. Heard’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, asked the court the previous tumble to toss out the suit, contending that the segment was on a fundamental level, not about Heard’s claims against Depp.

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