Jon Parrish Retired Attorney Discusses the Importance of Staying Motivated to Achieve Your Dreams

Jun 1, 2021 12:00 PM ET

Being passive is not our natural state as human beings, says Jon Parrish, former attorney and current business mogul. It is in our nature to desire and strive and improve. That attitude is a huge part of what has helped us survive and evolve into the dominant form of life on Earth. When you set goals for yourself, it is vital that you tap into this motivation if you want to achieve them. Without motivation and drive, your dreams will stay dreams instead of becoming reality.

Former attorney Jon Parrish


The Benefits of Motivation

It is essential that we find ways to increase our motivation if we want to change our behavior, develop new skills, achieve goals, improve creativity, increase engagement, or develop new talents says Jon Parrish retired attorney. “When I was a lawyer, I was motivated by the dream of success and retirement,” says Parrish. “But then, when the time came to retire, I realized that I would quickly become bored. So I went into the hospitality business. Retirement is still a dream that I chase, but the definition has changed for me.”

Understanding and correctly applying motivation in our everyday lives helps us climb career ladders, raise children, advise clients, and engage students. Motivation allows us to face the ever-fluctuating chaos of life, adapt, and still come out on top.

Motivation Has Health Benefits As Well Says Former Attorney Jon Parrish

There are many benefits to staying motivated, including a positive impact on our mental and physical health, says Jon Parrish former attorney. Our psychological state is closely linked to our physical wellbeing. When we lack motivation, we tend to start to decline mentally and physically.

Psychology says that this phenomenon occurs because motivation gives us a feeling of control over our lives. When you lose motivation, you start to feel helpless – like you have no control over what you do or why. This leads to giving up more quickly. We see this most often in the physical decline of seniors in retirement. Those who have no hobbies or motivation to continue once work is gone decline physically and mentally much more quickly than those who stay active, look forward to visiting grandchildren, etc.

Achieve Your Goals

To improve motivation and achieve your goals, it is important to be very intentional and clear about what you’re striving for, says former attorney and current business owner Jon Parrish retired attorney. It’s easy to become discouraged by setbacks. But when you have a very clear vision in mind, it’s easier to bounce back and find your inner motivation.

“Don’t do the job just to do it,” says Jon Parrish former attorney. “Find your reason for doing it.” Whether that’s your family, the goal of retirement, or because you really believe in what you do, keeping that goal at the front of your mind will keep you motivated and moving, even during the hardest times.

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