Jooksms: SMS marketing, Features and guide for Jooksms

Jul 13, 2020 11:00 AM ET

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes the usage of textual messages (SMS). These messages are intended to provide timely provides, updates, and signals to people who’ve agreed to get hold of those messages from your business.

What Is Jooksms?

The JookSMS has been ranking consistently as one of the high-quality SMS carriers. Jooksms has been presenting text messaging services to companies and businesses for over 6 years around the world for over 6 years. With places of work in the United States, more than 1,000 companies in Costa Rica and Panama use the Jooksms text messaging platform to improve communication with the customers in a quick and reliable way. Following that I will tell you about the JookSMS guide.

Jooksms became based in the year of 2015 with the goal of offering a reliable and efficient bulk SMS service. Headquartered in Royersford, Pennsylvania, it’s been developing popular at a speedy tempo over time and is now counted a few of the most reputed mass SMS provider companies.

Jooksms’s team believes in creating solutions which might be to use and tailored to the evolutionary desires of businesses. Because of this it’s so popular among users at your discretion.

Today, it instructs a huge clients base around the world, and its customer base consist of names along with the Classic, HR Wager, RDG Corporation, Karen Real Estate and lots of extra. It is a leading on a large scale messaging provider which gives the highest order facility and flexibility. This allows the user to scale their messaging campaigns and also allows them to have sufficient scope to personalize their campaigns to suit the needs of the business.

Anyone can send SMS to unlimited users using the JookSMS, as there is no restriction. It additionally provides the convenience to set up and schedule advance SMS campaigns, that helps to save time and make sure wider reach and effect.

In addition to the basic bulk texting service, the JookSMS additionally gives data collection services. SMS statistics can be taken in a meaningful way and used to bolster the digital marketing campaign. It allows track messages which may or may not be read, collect inputs for ROI calculations, and solicit feedback.

JookSMS offerings are available to conduct surveys and ask questions of users. All of this facilitates to acquire more customer data and growth users engagement that which in the long run drives extra visitors to the website of the company. Being synced, the SMS service is simple to integrate, combine with one’s own utility and syncs in with none hassle. In truth, it is able to be effortlessly included with third party apps and is used to measure one’s performance against famous apps.

Who Uses Jooksms?

Jooksms serves businesses of all sizes who want to retain their customers and acquire new ones through their bulk text messaging software.

The company offers four subscription plans to take advantage of this service, specifically prepaid (no cost), Basic, Gold and Platinum. In reality, there is even a user’s package that allows one to enjoy services tailored to one’s individual needs. Jooksms offers a free trial for 30 days, which helps one to use the service with all its features and get a good look at it.

JookSMS lets in marketers to make personalized marketing campaigns and schedule messages for multiple activities or obligations. The solution gives a variety of features such as event-driven triggers, tags, toll-free phone numbers, bulk sending, contact import, social media integration, data collection, and more.


The great aspect about JookSMS is that it addresses its requirements in a straight and seamless way. We do not want something other than software that would permit us to schedule bulk text messages. We saw that every other software program was full of “extras”, and the factor confirmed it. This is an excellent, easy software program and the client service is brilliant!


It’s obviously a small company and there are minor bugs that pop up now and again. The super customer service absolutely negates this though, as they’ve immediately replied and stuck everything I’ve questioned or talked about.


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