Joycelyn Savage’s family wants R. Kelly to stay in jail to avoid coronavirus

Mar 28, 2020 12:40 AM ET

R kellyAccording to his girlfriend’s family, there is NO business to get out of prison – regardless of the corona virus. Joycelyn Savage The Savage family lawyer, Gerald Griggs says … if Kelly is released, Joycelyn would put it “back in the hands of a predator”. Not only that, but the family claims that it also puts them at risk of possibly becoming infected with COVID-19.

Joycelyn’s family believes that the best option for them is to continue to “socially and physically distance themselves from Kelly”, adding that he “is right where he belongs” – locked up in Chicago MCC while on the move Illinois trial awaits trial in Illinois.

We told the story … the ashamed singer asked to be released out of jail fears he may be infected with the corona virus. He wants to be released on bail and says he is ready to wear electronic surveillance.

Kelly says, however, that if he gets out, he’ll be living in a Chicago apartment complex with Joycelyn, of course … that’s the last thing her family wants to see.

For the record … Kelly hasn’t tested positive for COVID-19, and Joycelyn has had no contact with her family since a Confrontation in front of a courthouse in January.

Another alleged victim of Kelly, Lisa Van Allen had an even stronger response to his request for release. She tells us: “This is not a monopoly, there is no free ticket for leaving prison! Not for an infected toe or pandemic! You do the crime, you do the time, just like the rest of the inmates!”

She added, “Put on your adult men’s pants and do what the rest of the world does! It’s where it needs to be. What better place to be in quarantine than in prison.”

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