Kevin McDonald Novato Discusses New Ecosystem Restoration Camps and How They Can Help Save Earth

Jun 9, 2020 8:05 PM ET

Conservation enthusiast Kevin McDonald Novato discusses new ecosystem restoration camps and how they can help save our planet

NOVATO, Calif. / May 25, 2020 / Global temperatures are on the rise, and conservationists know there’s no better time than now for humans to start having a more positive impact on the environment. Kevin McDonald Novato is a conservation enthusiast who has worked in the ecosystem restoration of grasslands and more. Recently, Kevin McDonald Novato discussed ecosystem restoration camps and how they’ll give everyday people an opportunity to make a direct, positive impact on the environment.

Kevin McDonald Novato explains that ecosystem restoration camps are located around the world. They serve as travel destinations where people can work to aid and replenish local ecosystems. These camps offer a variety of short or long-term opportunities for volunteering. The restoration activities and cost vary greatly by location but all camps offer educational experiences and opportunities for everyday people to give back to the planet that gives so much to use.

Kevin McDonald Novato added that restoration camps are located everywhere from Europe to Africa, Central America, Asia and more. If there’s a country or region of the world on your bucket-list, it’s possible to turn your dream vacation into one that aids the environment.

“So many times, tourists are simply naive to the negative impacts travelers can have on the environment. For instace, coral reefs around the world need a break from human impact and wild animals should be observed in their natural habitat from a respectful distance. “ Kevin McDonald Novato said. “These ecosystem restoration camps don’t just promote responsible travel, they promote travel that actually improves the environments we visit.” 

Kevin McDonald Novato explained that ecosystem restoration camps are a relatively new concept that is expected to fully take flight in the coming years. As tourists are veering away from elephant rides and high-rise hotels, experts believe they’ll venture toward experiences that have more of a positive impact on the communities they visit. 

“These camps offer opportunities to learn new skills,” Kevin McDonald Novato said. “In addition to a comfortable and rewarding stay, participants are leaving with entirely new abilities to benefit the ecosystems in their home towns as well.”

Kevin McDonald Novato explains that participants can learn how to replant indigenous species in Egyptian deserts, develop agro-forestry skills in Spain, or build healthier soils in Mexico. These are skills that extend beyond individual locales and can be taken with campers throughout their lives to benefit other areas. 

“A major interest in ecosystem restoration camps as travel experiences could be exactly what our planet needs,” Kevin McDonald Novato said. “All of the areas restored by these camps will be places ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren can enjoy for decades to come.”


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