Know-How Green Emerald Can Create Magic in Life

Aug 5, 2020 6:50 PM ET

The lush beauty of green emerald can stir your soul and symbolize hope for the future. This gemstone carries magical powers that transcend physical existence. It brings knowledge, love, compassion, and meaning to your life. Wearing emerald or Panna stone can change your life in the best ways. It is an ideal gemstone for academic success due to its association with the planet mercury.


In Vedic astrology, mercury represents knowledge and education. It eliminates ignorance and illuminates the path to true learning. When you wear emerald, the mercury gets aligned at the best position in your horoscope.

Even if you are suffering from the malefic impact of mercury, emerald helps to overcome these negative effects for a bright future. Here are the ways in which it can create magic in your life.

Brings Success in Every Venture

Emerald benefits the professional career of its wearer by reviving passion and improving creative instincts. It promotes self-esteem and restores confidence when you need them the most. By wearing this gemstone, you can attain creative success with a heightened power to ideate and innovate.

Writers, media persons, artists, and other creative people use emerald to enhance their imagination and creativity. Using its magical properties, you may align the unconscious and conscious minds with a perfect intent. It not only activates psychic abilities but also improves intuitive powers to look beyond the obvious and create something unique.

Eliminates Stress and Depression

Emerald has a great calming effect on conflicting emotions. It invigorates the thought process and philosophical understanding to reduce stress. When you look at a stressful situation with an open mind, it becomes easier to deal with any problem. By maintaining the emotional and mental equilibriums, emerald stone stimulates understanding and increases co-operation.

When you carry this magical gemstone, you don’t have to fear isolation or lack of companionship. Those having claustrophobia can benefit a lot by carrying this stone. It restores the confidence of teenagers and young people suffering from constant social stigma. If you feel lacking or inferior to your peers, choose emerald to boost your self-esteem.

Induces Love and Companionship

In many cultures, emerald is touted as the stone of successful love and companionship. Since it stimulates the heart chakra, the soothing energy of this gemstone heals your heart and soul on every level. It brings vitality to the spirit and inspiration to the mind. This stone embodies unconditional love and compassion between partners. It gives you domestic bless and promotes true friendship.

For contentment and loyalty, there is no better gemstone than Panna. No wonder, it was considered a symbol of romanticism by several civilizations and royalties across the world. If you want to gain love, wear emerald near your heart. It is believed to revive estranged relationships as well.

Restores Hope and Encouragement

Being a crystal of heart, emerald stone alleviates negative emotions and nourishes hope. You can experience encouragement and abundance by wearing or carrying this gemstone. When you feel loss of personal power or a vision for your future, it gives you the ability to stand again and recover from hopelessness.

Whatever are the misfortunes of your life, you can clear away negativity by using this gemstone. In Vedic astrology, it is a mythical belief that emerald helps to gain abundance and wisdom to live a happy and contended life.

Offers Financial Abundance

Lack of prosperity and financial resources can make your life difficult in many ways. You need better source of income and sustainable savings for a peaceful existence. That’s where emerald benefits its wearers. It symbolizes prosperity in every aspect of life. For those involved in business, Panna is an auspicious gemstone to gain profits and reach the pinnacle of success.

By representing vitality and growth, emerald creates better income opportunities, especially for people in the fields of banking, bookkeeping, finance, and share trading. The professionals related to finances and money gain a lot due to the positive effects of this gemstone.

Ensures Good Health

Emerald brings excellent rejuvenating properties to your life. It can combat aging and revitalize the organs in your body. As a strong healer, this gemstone can cure the diseases of gallbladder, pancreas, lungs, liver, and kidneys. It also strengthens the muscles and spine for a strong physical build.

A person recovering from chronic or infectious diseases can get faster results using the powerful green energy of emerald stone. It restores the eyesight and treats infectious eye diseases as well. In many cultures, an elixir of emerald stone can soothe cardiac diseases and stimulate memory growth.

From epilepsy to allergies, fever, and headache, the healing powers of Panna stone can be beneficial for curing many complicated illnesses. Also, it increases fertility and helps in painless childbirth.

Most importantly, emerald is a highly potent stone for curing speech-related disorders and ailments of nervous system. It not only improves the speech but also enhances the oratory skills of an individual. You will gain better ability to express your thoughts by wearing this gemstone.

Aligns with Divinity

Being the stone of inspiration and aspiration, emerald opens you heart and clears your soul. As a result, you can connect with divine love and move ahead on the path of spirituality without holding back. It encourages a person to accept divine will and experience the sense of abundance beyond financial wealth.

Emerald helps you to receive the gifts of spirituality and embrace divine manifestation in every aspect of life. It teaches the significance of gratitude and trust. It is a magical attribute that not only opens your intuition but also your heart to the changes and positivity around you.

As the pure crystal of growth and vitality, emerald nurtures your life and family. You can gain a lot by choosing this gemstone. However, a wrong selection of fake emerald can beat its astrological and cosmic benefits. Hence, select high-quality Panna that comes with absolute clarity and pure color.

There are gemstone stores like Gempundit that offer a vivid variety of emerald stone at affordable prices. But, you must ensure the quality of a stone before buying it. So, ask the seller to provide a free lab certificate and complete guidance throughout your purchase journey. Some reputable sellers also offer free astrological recommendations to facilitate the best selection based on the right weight, color, and other factors.


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