Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools shares latest details of new sizes, features, and other options

Jul 15, 2020 10:35 PM ET

Entrepreneur Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools and his company announce details of new sizes, features, and further options available with the firm’s revolutionary swimming pools.

First introduced more than a decade ago, Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools’ professionally engineered and designed, environmentally friendly swimming pools are now famed for their durability, efficiency, and stylish, modern appearances. Introducing a raft of new sizes, features, and other options for summer 2020, Seventeen Pools boss Wittin offers a closer look at the latest additions to his firm’s swimming pool line-up.

“Dedicated to building durable, efficient, and environmentally friendly swimming pools, our products are professionally engineered and designed, keeping your family’s safety squarely in mind at all times,” says Canadian Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools, who established the Winnipeg, Manitoba-based business back in 2009.

Over ten years on, Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools and the firm’s team have continued to innovate at every turn, including introducing an all-new range of features, sizes, further options, and more for this summer. “Our famous shipping container swimming pools are now available in a number of new sizes and with brand new features, allowing for all-new builds to be created on behalf of clients across the board,” explains Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools, speaking from his office in Winnipeg.

Container pool sizes now include 8 feet wide by 20 feet, 30 feet, and 40 or 45 feet long, according to Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools. “As ever, each pool comes equipped with an energy-efficient heating system,” adds Manitoba native Wittin, “with a raft of brand new options now also available alongside our existing range of features.”

Existing features of Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools‘ shipping container swimming pools, he goes on to point out, include customizable lighting and jets, plus the option to control the company’s pools’ settings via a smartphone application. Alongside equipment such as energy-efficient heating systems, other standard features of Wittin’s pool solutions include filters, pumps, breaker boxes, and a choice of black and blue interior and exterior finishes.

“If you can dream it, we can build it!” suggests proud family man Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools.

Wittin was born in Manitoba, Canada, and has subsequently traveled extensively, including spending several years living and working in the United States. Most of the entrepreneur’s life, however, has been spent in British Columbia, including his childhood. “Among my fondest memories, growing up, is being a kid and watching my dad draw,” he reveals, perhaps explaining his passion for design, building, and engineering, “as he was a draftsman.”

Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools continues, he says, to seek to accomplish new heights with the business, taking the shipping container swimming pool phenomenon to another level in the process.

Wittin first shared news of the latest changes to Seventeen Pools’ line-up with PoolSpaNews at the end of May this year. PoolSpaNews, according to Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools, regularly shares breaking news of the latest trends, products, and design and business strategies for pool and spa professionals throughout the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere around the world.

“For further details of our new shipping container pool sizes, features, and other options, interested parties are invited to visit the Seventeen Pools website,” adds Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools in closing, “or to call us for more information.”


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