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Jul 14, 2020 4:30 PM ET

Landscaping expert, Martin Ivach, lists mistakes to avoid when landscaping your backyard.

Creating a backyard oasis can quickly turn into a nightmare for first-time planters. People often run into easily avoidable mistakes that are costly and devastating to the overall aesthetic of the outdoor space. Experienced landscaping expert, Martin Ivach, lists common gardening blunders to avoid, and what you can do to correct them.

1. Plant Location

Unfortunately, you can’t place plants in any location and expect them to grow. Martin Ivach notes that it is essential to consider sunlight and shade when determining plant location. When you buy your plant, it should come with a tag that explains its preferred conditions. While some are tolerant of living in non-ideal conditions, they will never reach their full potential. Martin Ivach always recommends scouting out your yard to determine which areas are right for each plant before beginning.

2. Root Depth

Planting trees seems straightforward enough. However, Martin Ivach explains that root depth is key to success. When trees are planted too deep with compacted soil, the roots suffocate. According to Martin Ivach, deep planting can also encourage root rot and water collection. Try to keep the top of the root ball right underneath the soil’s surface, digging only the depth of the container that it came in.

3. Short Grass

You may think you are extending the time in between mowing your lawn by cutting the grass short. Martin Ivach notes that this method actually causes more harm than good, resulting in bare patches. It can also leave your grass more susceptible to disease and insects. Keep your grass hydrated by letting the blades grow longer in the summer, which gives you a softer lawn to enjoy.

4. Missing Exterior Lighting

When planning a landscaping design, most people imagine their potential yard during the day, missing out on the opportunity to enjoy it just as much at night. Entertain guests outside with a beautifully lit garden atmosphere, perfect for parties and late-night cookouts. Martin Ivach suggests solar lights for a cost-efficient and low maintenance option. Other great lighting options include pathway spikes, string lights, and in-ground lights.

5. Improper Fertilization

The two most common fertilizer errors are spraying too much, or none at all. Martin Ivach recommends fertilizing your yard twice per year, with a solution that works best for your climate and plant selection. Never spray your fertilizer in the heat of mid-day. Instead, Martin Ivach suggests spraying in the evening and before following immediately with a thorough watering. Too much fertilizer can burn the roots and leave your plant in worse condition than it started in.

By avoiding these standard landscaping techniques, you will be able to achieve a beautiful and healthy yard. Martin Ivach notes that it’s always good to consult a local plant nursery or landscaping company for more assistance on your exact needs.


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