Largo, Florida, Cop Fired for Drug Possession and Planting False Evidence

Mar 10, 2020 10:00 PM ET

Drug possession is a serious crime and can lead to extreme legal consequences. One Florida police officer discovered just how serious the law was regarding drug possession, the hard way.

Last summer on July 10, 2019, a Florida police officer was finally held to account for the odd serious of crimes he was guilty of committing over the many years he worked as a cop. Deputy Zachary Wester lost his job and was put behind bars when it was confirmed that not only had he possessed drugs himself, but he was planting these drugs in the vehicles of other innocent individuals and having them arrested for his own personal motives.

One victim had just been let out of jail and received custody of his daughter when deputy Wester planted Meth in his vehicle and had him arrested yet again. He lost custody of his daughter due to Wester’s manipulative actions. The judge declared openly that there was no doubt the actions of the ex-cop were deliberate and even though they could not understand the motive for it, he would still be held entirely accountable for his actions. There were at least 11 other victims who had been thrown in jail because of Wester’s abuse of power.


What should I do if I am arrested for drug possession?

Whether a person was framed or whether they really were guilty of possessing drugs they should always call a reliable drug possession attorney to assist them in court. The consequences for drug possession are severe and no matter how much authority a person has, they will have to face the law if they are caught for such a crime.

Apart from having to pay fines, and do jail time, a person will most probably also have to enroll in drug recovery programs that will teach them how to overcome drug addiction or drill in their minds why the possession of drugs is so dangerous and why it is considered illegal in the first place.

A person can even be given a life-time imprisonment sentence and be fined up to $250,000 depending on the quantity of drugs they possessed and how many people were affected by the drug possession. These are not light charges and a person should do everything they can to ensure they are not given unfair sentencing and that they only must pay for as much as is necessary.

If a person was framed, they can team up with their attorney to help find the required evidence that will be enough to clear their name and prove they are innocent from the accused crime.

As the case mentioned above described, not even a police officer can get away with something as serious as drug possession. Though a person may have to face some penalties, with the right legal help there is always the hope of having the penalties reduced or even having their name cleared entirely if they were framed for the drug possession.



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