Las Vegas cyclist is killed while crossing a local street. Why are these accidents so common in the city?

Mar 16, 2020 11:05 PM ET

Riding a bicycle near busy roadways can be extremely dangerous. If the cyclist comes into contact with a motor vehicle, there is little to protect them from sustaining severe injuries or even dying due to the impact. Areas with dense population and high levels of tourism tend to see even more of these kinds of accidents, especially when more people are outdoors during warm weather months.


A bicyclist was killed in the Hacienda Ave area of Las Vegas while crossing a street near a crosswalk.


Cyclist is killed near a crosswalk in West Valley

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police responded to an intersection near the West Valley area on a Friday afternoon. They arrived at the intersections of Hacienda Ave and Rapunzel Court between South Durango and Buffalo Drives right around 5 pm that day.

After talking with a few witnesses in the area, police determined that a Honda Civic was going westbound on Hacienda in the moments before the crash. A man on a bicycle was also going in the same direction on the north side of the street. At some point, the cyclist went off of the sidewalk and into the road near the crosswalk, but outside of the marked area. He appeared to be attempting to cross the street while going south. The bicycle went right into the path of the Civic and was hit with a serious amount of force.

When medical personnel arrived on the scene, they believed that the cyclist must have died immediately on impact, as he showed no vital signs at all. He was pronounced dead shortly afterward. Although the crash was being investigated thoroughly, police claim that the driver of the Civic did not seem to be impaired and was cooperative at the scene. No foul play or criminal activity was suspected.


Bringing a lawsuit after a crash

After a fatal accident, the insurance process is usually insufficient to recover enough money for the family’s related expenses. It is crucial to speak with a personal injury lawyer about the possibility of a civil lawsuit based on the accident. Damages may include expenses related to medical treatment, lost wages, or even funeral and burial expenses for the family if someone has died.


High probability of cycling accidents in the city

The Las Vegas area is especially susceptible to bicycle incidents during the spring months due to the Tour de Summerlin event and large amounts of tourism. Despite the fact that both motorists and cyclists do take precautionary measures, accidents will still happen often.


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