Last Date To Apply Yourself As An Astronaut At NASA

Apr 1, 2020 8:15 PM ET

The online application was opened for a long time to apply for the post of an astronaut in the space agency. While today is the last day to submit an application and the announcement is repeated for the people who have an overwhelming urge to fling off the planet for a little while.

The final deadline to apply to NASA is till 11.59 PM ET tonight, so there are only a few precious hours left. According to the announcement, NASA is currently recruiting new astronauts for its Artemis program which is the program of initiating to send the first woman to the surface of the Moon.

The main objective of the project is to land the first crew on the lunar dirt by the year 2024 and then thereby continuing further landing of additional crews every year. The ultimate aim of the project is to deliver the astronauts to Mars and thus from the Artemis program NASA trains eventually to send people to the surface of the red planet.

For some, exploration of the deep space destinations might be appealing or some might have other motivations for wanting to be away from the Earth into space. For either way, it is the right time to apply for the post at NASA. And of course, after selection before becoming astronauts you will have to pass on certain tests and you need to be a US citizen.

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